March 2016 JobNimbus Update

While we haven’t had too many announcements about the updates we’ve been making to our roofing software, we’ve certainly been making them! Coming fast off of the full QuickBooks overhaul we finished a few weeks ago, we’re been hot to trot getting some highly anticipated features updated and improved for you.

You may have noticed the “JobNimbus has been updated” banner appearing more often. That’s because we’ve been trying to get you these new updates as quickly as possible. This has not only helped you to have a better JobNimbus almost every day when you log in, but it also helps us to keep our code clean and make fixes more immediately.

We’re excited about how this year has been going and have some new strategies that will help us build faster, stronger, and better than ever before.

Without further adieu, here are some of the things we’ve been working on lately.

NEW Learning: Training & Setup Guide

In an effort to help you and your team get the most out of the JobNimbus roofing software, we’ve put together a whole series of videos ranging from how to set up your account to training on specific roles in your company (Sales, Production, Office, and Manager).

Whether you’ve been using JobNimbus for years, or if you’re just starting out, our new learning center is a perfect place to get the knowledge you need to maximize your efficiency and keep your whole team in sync.

Head over and check out our learning center by visiting

NEW Supplier and Vendor Contact Types

A few updates ago, we added a brand new way to track subcontractors. This opened up a world of possibilities, but we were still missing coverage on part of your business.

Not anymore! Now, just like you have a checkbox to signify on the Contact Type that the contacts of that type are subcontractors, now you have the same checkbox for suppliers and vendors.

We’ll have a more detailed tutorial on how to get started with this soon, but quickly if you create a Contact Type and call it something like “Supplier”, you’ll see a checkbox where you can signify what this type represents.

Once you’ve set up suppliers into your account this way, you’ll be able to send Material Orders direct to your suppliers from JobNimbus by picking from a list, instead of having to relate these suppliers to a job like before. It’s pretty nice.

Other Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

In addition to the above features, we’ve been improving several things around JobNimbus to make the work better, faster, stronger, etc.

For instance, we’ve improved the default workflows for new accounts so they’re better understood and easier to manipulate.

We cleaned up our QuickBooks code, along with a whole bunch of other pieces of the code to streamline things and improve load times.

We’ve also fixed some action menu and page load issues to make sure your JobNimbus experience is smoother and more buttery than ever before.

We’re Far From Done

I just talked with a customer today who was surprised at how we were actively developing JobNimbus. What, are you kidding?! We’re ALWAYS actively developing JobNimbus.

As I’m typing there are coders hard at work at making JobNimbus roofing software simpler, better, more secure, quicker, smoother, more accessible, more mobile, and more beautiful than ever.

We’ve got a whole lot planned throughout the entirety of this year and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Stay tuned!

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