Studies show that 2016 will bring increased construction work. That means more leads and more jobs for you to do.

But something we hear far too often from anxious contractors is: “We have so many leads; we can’t handle them all.”

Leads are your bread and butter. If you aren’t equipped to take on all the leads your marketing can produce, you’re leaving money on the table.

Are you prepared to handle the growth 2016 will bring? If you’re asking yourself, ‘am I ready for 2016’ right now, the chances are you probably aren’t.

JobNimbus will help.

With JobNimbus, you won’t have to say no to anyone or turn any new leads away because you’ll have everything you need to stay organized, maintain visibility, automate your process, and tackle the work.

You can put all your leads into JobNimbus and assign them, then let JobNimbus do all the work to notify your team members when they need to move on something.

That’s where scheduling comes in.

It's easy to use the powerful scheduling in JobNimbus.

Schedule your appointments, tasks, jobs, work orders, and material orders, and see it all together in a powerful shared calendar.

And, with the JobNimbus calendar, you’ll not only be able to see your team member’s assignments, but also your subcontractors.

But scheduling is just one part of your vision. You also need to be able to see your entire pipeline at a glance and know exactly where everything is and what you need to move on next.

Boards will blow you away.

Pipelines have never been better than with JobNimbus' interactive digital whiteboards.

Boards are like taking your whiteboard in the office and making it digital and interactive. Instead of making a magnet card for each lead or job, now JobNimbus does that for you with the stuff you already enter.

You can create boards for your sales pipeline, your production schedule, and work orders. You can even separate your job types into different boards.

And moving a card to a list is as easy as dragging and dropping, and can be followed up with automation rules to make sure nothing and no one slips through the cracks.

The time to get ready is yesterday.

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