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When it comes to getting the biggest names in roofing together under one roof (see what I did there?), there’s no better place than the International Roofing Expo. This year’s expo was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orland, Florida and boy was it beautiful. Couldn’t have had better weather or a more amazing crowd at the show this year. We had a blast.

There were a number of suppliers, manufacturers, insurance companies, lead generation outfits, and even roofing software companies all vying for a piece of the roofing pie. From big names like GAF and SRS, to newer faces like CompanyCam and Sales Rabbit, the show floor was packed with new ideas, innovative gadgets, and a sense of wonder.

Amid all of the hustle and bustle, there we stood, booth 947, ready to take passersby into an enchanting world of myriad wonders. In other words, we chatted, answered questions, did some great demos, shot the breeze, resuscitated the breeze, then shot it again.

Not to mention the CCR cover band… It was epic.

“Roofing Software That Doesn’t FEEL Like Software”

A ton of people came by our booth with great questions. The idea of having software without having to worry about “software” really resonated with roofers who are struggling to get organized but don’t have the wherewithal to learn something complicated or extensive.

Once they got in to see some screens in JobNimbus, it was game over for the commonly held idea that software had to be tough, time-consuming, or impossible to get your team to use.

In fact, once you see roofing software done right, it’s hard to un-see it and the possibilities become endless.

So What’s JobNimbus Got Planned Now?

We’re so glad you asked! 2016 is going to be the year of some really, really big stuff. Aside from polishing a whole lot of the features and items in JobNimbus, we’re making a giant push on the next major version of our mobile app (something we lovingly call Mobile 2.0).

This app is a brand new experience, built from the ground up for simplicity, usability, efficiency, and power.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the past few years with our first mobile app and put it all into this new version. There are less clicks to get where you need to go, there’s faster performance on each page, features have been given superpowers to help you out, and sync is out of this world.

Seriously, our most recent tests have shown a sync time of 1/4 of a second. To put that into perspective, when you take a picture with the new mobile app, it takes a 1/4 second to get to the office and any notes they make take the same minuscule amount of time to get back to the mobile app. It’s unbelievable and we know you’re gonna love it and grow to need it every day you run your business.

We were excited to show off the alpha version of the mobile app at the IRE and everyone who got to see it was floored. The beautifully clean design mixed with the features on hand (big shout out to multi-photo uploads) and the incomparable offline experience are a force to be reckoned with.

Aside from mobile, we’ll be adding some new stuff to the web app that will make your experience better, faster, more pleasant, and higher quality. All of this without increasing the price one penny.

See You Next Year

This was definitely our favorite IRE yet and we can’t wait until 2017 in Las Vegas, baby! We’ll have some brand new features and enhancements to show off next year that will continue to blow minds and help roofing businesses not only keep their heads above water but also to excel.

In the meantime, we’ve got some roofing software to refine and perfect.

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