JobNimbus at the International Roofing Expo 2016 (IRE)

It’s that time again… and we have some big news.

The IRE is once again upon us. The time when we roofing contractors from all over the world get together to learn a few new tricks of the trade, and the get a chance to take a look at the new, or new and improved products available for use to help with the company’s bottom line.

Not to be left out, the team at JobNimbus is going to be on hand at the IRE to show off one of our latest additions to the feature list (no we won’t tell you what it is yet).

Here’s The Deal…

Here at JobNimbus, we do a little something we like to call, “Development by Democracy.” What that means is that YOU, our beloved customers, get to have input on the next great features that will make their way into JobNimbus to enhance your company’s experience and productivity.

Last year we debuted our digital white board feature, a brand new calendar for scheduling, a new way to manage your subcontractors, and much more. This year, aside from beefing up our already powerful web app, we have some cool stuff to show you that will enhance your “on the go” mobile experience and take it to the next level. This is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

We Do What We Do Because Of You

In addition, we’re thrilled to be able to meet our customers face to face. Last year was so much fun and we’re excited to get to have some more time to chat with you all. You are all important to us here at JobNimbus. You are what keeps us working hard to provide one of the simplest CRM and project management tools out there.

JobNimbus wouldn’t be where it is without you, your support, your feedback, and your criticisms. We take everything to heart, lose sleep over it, and work hard every day to make sure we build the best software to make your day easier.

So hunt us down. We really enjoy chatting with our customers. We can chat about some of the top secret projects we have coming up as well.

If you’re headed to the IRE 2016 in Orlando this year, come stop by Booth 974 to say “hi”.

We have candy…

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