JobNimbus and Christmas Presents

Sometimes it’s not wrong to open your gifts early.

2015 is winding down and with the change in weather, it is a great time to take a breath and evaluate this last year. It’s also time to figure out how to do things differently.

At the end of the year, tools and employees can feel a little worn out. The vehicles have a few more miles on them, and so do the people that are out on the front lines. All the stresses of the last year can give you perspective and motivation to make the changes you need to make 2016 an awesome year.

So just tossing this idea out there: how about giving your company the gift of simplicity for the New Year?

Simplicity: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

There are a couple of different groups that really should be taking a look at making their life easier:

  1. Those with huge piles of paper on their desks, or
  2. Those with an expensive bill for software they don’t fully utilize.

It’s time to clean things up. Take your piles of paper and get them into a safe electronic format that is easy to access, or cut out the endless clicking and use something that will simplify your life with both desktop and mobile solutions.

Did you know, that JobNimbus allows you to turn your paperwork into digital gold by putting everything at your fingertips? It even let’s you collect signatures on a mobile device with just a few taps and your customers’ fingers!

Really, Jobnimbus is that gift you get that has all these cool features that you just keep finding as time goes on. From the surface, it looks like a simple to use CRM and project management system. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely that. It is also so much more.

From QuickBooks integration to drag and drop project management tools, the customizable interface means that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You get to take your processes and move them right into the cloud for easy storing and access when and where you need it.

It’s Christmas Morning In Your Office… Time To Unwrap

Now is the time to open that gift… before the season starts again. Take this time to get the kinks worked out. By this time next year, you can be on an exotic beach, checking the status of your company from afar.

Time is valuable. Whether it means more time to work on things and not mess with paperwork, or more time to spend with your family, JobNimbus is a great tool to ring in the New Year by giving you more time.

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