Black Friday Deals For Contractors- iPad Mini 2 for

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, our focus shifts from quality time with our families to the mega discounts available on America’s wildest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.

But while I personally dislike the idea of Black Friday because of its consumerism pollution, I do enjoy observing shoppers and I occasionally look for the screaming deals that are offered on electronics.

This year, there’s a couple monster deals that we thought we’d pass along for all the contractors out there.

Tablets Deals

One of the most necessary and trusty devices out in the field is a tablet. There are millions of apps out there (the JobNimbus app, included) that will help you supercharge your workflow and get more done out in the field, while being more organized and keeping in perfect sync with your office.

iPad Mini 2 for $199 (25% off) – Walmart

This is the best tablet deal in terms of its low price (though see below for the highest value and percent discount). The iPad Mini 2 has been universally praised for it’s solid build quality and portability while not sacrificing power and performance.

This is the perfect field companion while you’re at the door taking a customer’s information, snapping pics on the job site, or getting turn-by-turn directions to your next appointment. This is a screaming deal so definitely take advantage of it.

Buy the iPad Mini 2 here.

iPad Air 2 for $374 (33% off) – Staples

The latest in the line of 9.7″ iPads from Apple, the iPad Air 2 is the highest rated tablet and a perfect addition to your production line. With its high resolution Retina display, fast processor, and millions of apps for estimating, calculating, and managing your sales, the iPad will help you move from paper and pen to the next generation.

This deal gets you 33% off of the original $499 price point, which is pretty darn good.

Buy it here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for $350-400 ($50 off each size) – Amazon, Best Buy, Adorama

The closest thing to an iPad you can get, the Samsung Galaxy runs Android (and the JobNimbus mobile app) to help you be more productive. This deal is for both the 8″ and 9.7″ models, with $50 off each. Several retailers are offering the discount.

Check Amazon for the deal.

Drone Deals

While drones can be a load of fun as quadrocopters, they can also be extremely useful to go places that are out of reach or dangerous for your workers to traverse. Drones are becoming a bigger and bigger deal in the construction industry, so this is a great time to get in on the ground floor and find new ways to save time and effort.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard for $600, Professional for $1,160 – DJI

This deal from DJI starts at 2 p.m. PT on Thursday. The Professional deal gets you $100 off the top-of-the-line Phantom 3 Professional for a total of $1,160 and you’ll get an extra $150 battery.

A better deal, percentage-wise, is to get the entry-level Phantom 3 Standard for $600, a total of $200 off full price. You won’t get as many features, but it’s a highly-rated model that has a great camera, too.

Find this deal here.

Smartwatches & Fitness Bands Deals

A budding member of the wearable-tech revolution, smartwatches and smartbands can be great additions to your daily workflow to help you get more done and passively track your health and fitness.

I wear my Apple Watch every day and love what it adds to my productivity while keeping distractions to a minimum. The health tracking is excellent and definitely influences my health for the better, so I highly recommend you get a watch or band and start tracking.

Apple Watch starting at $250 – Best Buy

Best Buy has some good deals on the Apple Watch that can get you $50 or $100 off, depending on the model you choose.

Find the Apple Watch deals here.

Pebble Time $130 ($70 off), Pebble Time Steel $200 ($50 off) – Pebble

The Pebble is a more affordable smartwatch compared to the Apple Watch, but also boots a week-long battery thanks to its unique e-ink display. It also tracks fitness and lets you see notifications and reply to messages.

Pebble Time herePebble Time Steel here

Fitbit Charge HR for $120 – eBay, Target

If you’re just looking for the fitness side of things without worrying about all the other bells and whistles, this is a great deal for you. The Fitbit keeps you fit and lets you focus on the important stuff without getting in the way.

Find this on eBay now.

Have at ’em!

These deals don’t come around every weekend, and you could save yourself and your contracting business quite a bit of benjamins by taking the plunge and investing now.

To be clear, we have no affiliation with any of these deals. These are personal and professional recommendations, not paid for, so you can feel free to purchase knowing these are for your own good.

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