Oregon Trail Tombstone - What My Life Was Like Before Productivity

There comes a time in each person’s life when he or she must reflect on the past and admire the road now traveled.

For those who have succeeded in their journey towards heightened productivity, that time has come. You have fought the good fight and have come away victorious against the enemy. Today is a day for you to ponder on all that baggage you’ve left in your wake and how much better off you are now than before.

But for those still struggling to find footing in the productivity side of things, this is not that time. Your journey to the light side is not yet complete and while there is much left to do, if you do embark on this journey you will find treasures beyond comprehension.

The road to productivity is likened to an addict in Alcoholics Anonymous. We can look back on our previously miserable lives with hope for a better today and tomorrow.

But even if you haven’t taken this journey yet, you will still be able to relate to the disasters of each day which we will be reviewing, even if you’re not quite able to fully comprehend the gravity of the situation as those who have passed on to the other side.

While you might still suffer from headaches, they certainly won’t be coming from the hours you spent looking for lost documents

In this life, we will never be free from headaches. Heck, I have one right now and I became productive a long time ago with CRM. Neither part of that last sentence is a joke. And I already took some medicine, but to no avail.

But while headaches will always be a part of our fragile mortality, we can be sure that those headaches will not be coming from all those wasted hours every day and week looking for lost documents, or playing phone tag with your team members to follow up and make sure everything is getting done on the job, and more.

This is one thing that truly dies with our old self at the point in which we invest in software that can retain all of our documents neatly in their respective places and which can help us keep track of everything going on during the job without having to pull teeth.

Your days of wasted time are long gone, 6 feet under

Thanks to your new life as a productive individual, your wasted time is only a fleeting memory. A shadow in the face of the brightness of a brand new day. One that brings new hope and new meaning to your work life.

Try, if you can, to recall what it was like to call manually write out all the information about a new lead, and then lose it, and then have to ask for that information again. Remember what it was like when you tried to use Excel to add that lead info, and then it took you hours to find your leads again.

Now bask in the greatness that is your CRM and project management software that allows you to quickly input info once, auto-fills several fields for you, and keeps track of everything while keeping each lead right at your fingertips with search and reports.

They say you can’t buy time, but I say with CRM you absolutely can.

You’re paying a bit each month, but you’re earning a lot more

Money can’t buy everything in life, though it can certainly get you to a certain point and then you can handle the rest. This is how it is with productivity and, while you might be done a few bucks each month in expenses for productivity software, you’ve discovered a brand new way to accelerate your business and amplify your abilities.

While a subscription to the CRM and project management software of your choice could cost you a bit (for example, $25 per user per month), the savings that you get from that tool far outweigh the price of the subscription, effectively making the cost trivial.

Because, while you’re paying that $25 for each of your team members each month, each one of those team members is now cutting several hours out of their day and everyone is being more productive than ever.

Conclusion: The end is a new beginning

The end of your unproductive life isn’t really the end. It’s a whole new beginning that opens new doors and closes old windows to give you a new perspective on life.

If you’re slowly dying each day because of the monotony of repetition, or if you’re suffering from the loss of all your lead data on a routine basis, it’s time to turn a new leaf and put on a new life.

You can resurrect your own productivity by making the investment towards CRM and project management software that will take care of all that monotony, repetition, and loss so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can have a new life with more time, less headaches, and stronger business growth than ever before.

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