Tales of the Customer- Black Cat

Perhaps no real-world animal is more famous around the Halloween time of year than the infamous cat. The black variety is universally regarded as an omen of things to come.

It is commonly believed that if a black cat crosses your path, you will have been marked with bad luck. The time duration has been hotly debated, but whether you believe you’ll have bad luck for 7 years or just until something bad happens, it’s still bad news.

But, while we often focus on the bad luck of black cats, we tend to overlook the fact that they also have a hidden, super-feline ability: that of nine lives.

So what do these regal, dark creatures have to do with customers?

Good question.

Nine Lives And Your Nine (Or More) Attempts To Win

Tales of the Customer- Black Cat

The thing about black cats is, even though they can bring bad luck, they also give you 9 lives; 9 tries to get it right.

And really, a lot of sales is in the follow up. If you’re not following up with your leads and potential customers, you’re not reminding them about your product and they’re not getting more exposure to your pretty mug.

But there’s a difference between you and cats: cats always come back as cats, but you can come back as whoever or whatever you need to be in order to assist your lead toward the sale.

You shouldn’t start as the salesperson but if you do there’s always time to change into a friend, a colleague, a partner, and a consultant.

Your customer is not looking to be sold to. They need help making a decision. Sometimes it’s a very tough decision with a lot of money, time, or other inconvenient losses at stake.

Each time you come back to follow up, you should try to be the help that your customer needs to succeed.

Conclusion: Try, Try, Try Again

Tales of the Customer- Black Cat

Until you get a firm, resounding “no”, you need to keep trying (of course, within the bounds of reason and without being that sales person).

Give them what they want: a helping hand, a smiling face, and a walking-talking personal assistant that will help them make the big decisions.

Be persistent, but not annoying. Be hopeful, but not naive. Be cautious, but don’t be lazy.

Be of help and be smooth like a coat of cat fur.

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