Tales from the Customer VII: Witches (Hocus Pocus)

From the infamous Sanderson Sisters to the contemporary Blair Witch, these lovers of the dark arts get a bad wrap.

I mean, really: all they’re trying to do is steal our children, feed them frog skin-laden potions, and sacrifice them to father Satan.

Ok, so maybe the bad wrap is for a good reason. Even so, I’d like to present a new way we can look at witches and how we can learn from them in order to improve the relationships we build with our customers.

Put A Spell On Your Customers

My favorite witch movie is Hocus Pocus, mostly because I grew up with it, so it’s a classic where I come from.

For those who haven’t seen it, the Sanderson Sisters of Salem, Massachusettes are executed for practicing witchcraft. Before the execution, they use a spell that entombs their souls in a black-flame candle, which when lit by a virgin on All Hallows Eve will bring them back for one night, giving them enough time to seduce children and become immortal by feeding on their souls.

Sounds like a solid plan, right? Good.

In the rising conflict, the witches begin to sing and cast a spell on all the children of modern-day Salem in order to bring them towards their life-stealing potion. They sing a seductive song that puts all the children into a trance, with no other choice then to follow the singing right to their doom.

Now, while you shouldn’t be causing any doom for your customers, you should be doing your best to “seduce”, or attract, them to your offerings and provide them the best possible reasons for why your product and service is best for them.

Bring them in, and consistently give them reasons to remain as loyal and evangelistic as ever. There are books upon books written about how to “put a spell” on your customers, so we won’t go into detail about that here…

…or will we?

Sell By The Book

In the movie, the Sanderson sisters are especially enamored by their spell book. A mischievous, one-eyed collection of incantations, this book is the source of all their evil recipes. They start everything by first consulting the book and, the one time it was taken from them, they were thrown into a depression.

It’s the 21st century. Let’s be honest, sales techniques have been around for centuries. And now, more than ever before, we are in a golden age of information where tips and tricks are out our fingertips.

Like I mentioned above, there are books upon books of how to sell better, faster, stronger, more consistently, etc, etc, etc. There’s no excuse to not pick up a book and learn a few tips on how to get better at relating to your customers, or making them feel more important and cared for.

But no tip is more unanimous today when it comes to sales then the call to use CRM. Even if you’re the worst salesperson in the world, even if you have the eloquence of a sheep in an orthodontist’s chair, or if you forget every appointment (before and after), no matter what CRM will help you do better in sales.

That’s because CRM makes up for all of our humanly flaws, giving you more time to focus on what you as a human do best: have human relationships with other humans.

So if you don’t have a CRM, get one. If you do have a CRM, use it. If you don’t have a book on sales, go get one and read it.

The “book” contains everything you need to be successful.

Race To Beat The Clock

In classic “ticking time bomb” fashion, the Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus must complete their potion and steal the essence of children before the sun rises on November 1st.

Knowing that their fate is fast approaching, this impulses them to work fast to get everything done in time. They were absolutely not dragging their feet or waiting for when the “time was right.”

While neither you nor your customers are going to be to stone when the sun comes up (at least we hope not), you should never rest on your laurels and you should always be selling.

Of course, give your customers the time that they need to make the right decision. I’m not saying you should be all up in their faces as they are trying to determine which service or product to choose. Be respectful and courteous in every interaction. Remember, the idea is to build realtionships, not to suck the life right out of everyone you meet, leaving bodies in your wake.

But you should be moving on every deal that you can, checking up, making appointments, providing more value, and showing that you care.

The Final Abracadabra

I’ve seen some crazy salespeople in my day. To the untrained eye, they’d be considered magicians. Heck, if they were alive during the Sanderson Sisters-era Salem, they’d have probably been tried as witches, too. They’re that good.

Being that good, however, is no secret. It’s just a masterful application of selling by the book, putting a spell on your customers, and moving before you miss your window.

But while other people might accuse you of witchcraft for how good your selling power is, you shouldn’t have to worry about the gallows or the noose. You’re safe for now in the 21st century.

Fun Fact: In most Latin American countries and some European countries, Hocus Pocus is called Abracadabra. #themoreyouknow

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