New JobNimbus Calendar

Of the many things JobNimbus use in their day, the calendar is certainly one of the most critical.

In fact, few things are more important than the schedule: making sure you’re getting to sales appointments on time, or assigning work to the right person without double-booking, or that materials will arrive before the crew gets there.

And while the JobNimbus calendar was able to get the job done for tasks, we’ve always wanted it to do so much more for you.

Introducing the new JobNimbus Calendar

Presenting the new JobNimbus Calendar for Scheduling Tasks, Contacts, Jobs, Work Orders, and More

The new JobNimbus calendar is pretty much everything you hoped for. In addition to still doing the great things it already did, the calendar now includes:


A Brand New Look

We started the new calendar with a fresh slate. Out with the old, in with the new, productive, visual interface that allows you to do so much more by doing so much less than ever before.

We’re still refining the looks, but we hope you enjoy the new aesthetic and language, as it’s a teaser for a whole lot more to come. Indeed, this is just the beginning, but it’s one that is freeing our own minds up to think bigger and bring more power and efficiency to your workflow.


Contacts, Jobs, Work Orders, and Material Orders

This is by far the biggest addition, and the biggest reason why we rebuilt the calendar from scratch. The original calendar focused on Tasks, but wasn’t able to show you anything else that you had scheduled.

Our new calendar takes your schedule to the next level. Now you have the power to see your scheduled Contacts*, scheduled Jobs**, Work Orders, and Material Orders.

That’s right, anything and everything you schedule is now available for you to see in the new calendar.

*Requires Contact Scheduling be enabled on the Features tab of your Settings (free).
**Requires Job Scheduling be enabled on the Features tab of your Settings (free).


Quick Toggles

But just because you can see everything on the calendar, that doesn’t mean you have to see everything on the calendar at the same time. Sometimes you just want to see your tasks, or just the work orders and material orders for a certain crew or group. Sometimes you just want to see your own schedule.

That’s why we’ve completely rethought the tools for showing different views and we’ve put you in charge of how you want to see your calendar at any given moment with our new quick toggles:

Team Members

Team Member List, New JobNimbus CalendarThis menu shows you all of your team members in a list, with a checkbox next to each one. You can toggle on and off the team members that you would like to see at a given time.

As you check a name, they will be moved to the top of the list (maintaining alphabetical order) so it’s easy to see who’s active and toggle them off at any time again.

There’s also a search bar at the top to help you find specific members of your team.

The best part of this is the new calendar will remember who you have selected when you leave, so the next time you log in or navigate back to this page, you’ll see the same team members as last time. It’s so convenient, it’s ridiculous.


Object Selector, New JobNimbus SchedulerThe Calendars list allows you to toggle on and off seeing Tasks, Contacts, Jobs, Work Orders, and Material Orders on the calendar view.

And, when you check one of these items to toggle it on, you also get a full list of the types of that item to turn on and off. For example, let’s say you want to see your Work Orders, but just the Roofing and Siding ones. Check the box for “Work Orders” and then check the boxes for “Roofing” and “Siding” (making sure the other types are unchecked).

You can do this for all the different objects (tasks, work orders, etc) to get a full, customized view of the upcoming events. This is awesome for scheduling and knowing exactly who’s assigned and when.

And, just like with the Team Members menu, whatever you set is saved for the next time so you don’t have to worry about setting your perfect view up each time.

The Number 4 on Blue

New Inspector

Previously, you were able to “inspect” calendar events by clicking on them and seeing a popover with details and available actions. It worked, but it wasn’t pretty and it covered up a quarter of the calendar and all adjacent events when it was open.

The new inspector is 100% different and 100% less intrusive, while being 100% more useful at the same time. Now when you click on any item on the calendar, a new inspector will appear on the right side of the calendar to provide you details on the event and an action menu to get to everything you can do with this item.

Plus More

Choose visible business hours

Do you loath seeing the hours of midnight to 6am when the calendar opens, because you never work at that time? Now you can set which hours you want visible on your calendar in your My Info page.

Show/Hide Weekends

In addition to setting hours, you can also set to show or hide weekends. Again, just head to your My Info page to set this up.

Responsive Design

The calendar is now responsive to the width of your browser window. Make your window wider or thinner and the calendar will adjust accordingly to show you more than ever before.

New Info On Each Event

We can now show task icons and other workflow type icons on each event, plus the name, and the related item, with more coming in the future. Can you say address?

Everything else in v1.29:

v1.29 isn’t just about the new calendar. It’s also about adding some other improvements to existing features and fixing some bugs that have been causing somewhat of a nuisance.

Group Permissions for Full Access

We’ve made sure that Group Managers have an all-access pass to their group members’ data. That means they’ll be able to see all their appointments, tasks, contacts, and jobs without having to be assigned to them, which should save you the work of assigning those group leaders each time.

Updated Email From Rules

We’ve made some updates to the “From” field on emails in order to improve delivery success rates. Our previous attempts to make the “From” field more cosmetically-pleasing were not giving you the best chances for success, so we’ve switched it back.

Last Login Time

We’ve added a way for admins to quickly see who’s been logged in and the last time they logged in to either the web or mobile app. You can find this on the Team tab in your Settings. Note: This shows the last time they used their username and password to log in, but if they are auto-logged in from a previous session then it might not track this just yet.

Plus more bug fixes, performance improvements, database enhancements, and more fun stuff that you won’t see but will make your time in JobNimbus much more pleasant.

Previous Updates

This is the latest in a long list of consistent updates that we’ve been making to JobNimbus. To learn more about previous updates that we’ve made, you can check out our other announcement posts on our blog.

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