Best of Success and the Health of the Roofing Industry

The 2015 Best of Success conference has come to an end and the myriad attendees are headed back to their offices and the many roofs of this country to start applying what they’ve learned.

There have been a ton of great presentations, new products, new techniques, and new tools all geared to energize the industry and take it to the next level.

This is a conference for boosting the success of everyone in the room. But, in order to measure success, we have to audit the industry as it stands. Where are we at right now? How are we doing, and how can we improve?

The Roofing Industry in 2015: How We’re Doing

As a whole, roofing itself is trucking on and will continue to truck on until people don’t want roofs anymore. I think we can all agree that this is highly unlikely. You know, considering the shelter, warmth, and dryness it provides to a home or business.

The world is under a roof, and you’re the ones to build it, repair it, or rebuild it for them. Your job is secured for as long as you find the roofs that need work, secure the contracts, and do good work on those roofs.

So how are we doing with those two things?

Can We Find Roofs?

We’ve got referrals, canvassing, cold calling, flyers, truck/van decals, signs, billboards, radio and TV ads, online display and text ads, local profiles, websites, social media, pay-per-lead services, and more.

To put it simply, there are plenty of ways to get yourself in front of a customer in 2015. So many, in fact, that there really isn’t any excuse to get your foot in the door of enough new leads to be busy enough to flourish.

Plenty of the old-world avenues still lead to great leads, while the new roads paved by the internet can offer high speed results, and most are low-cost or even free to start.

There’s no reason any roofer shouldn’t be taking advantage of as many of these lead sources as possible, and tracking each source to see which is bringing in the highest quantity and highest quality leads.

Then it’s all about nurturing and getting the sale.

Verdict: Yes

Can we secure contracts?

Sales people are often very great at what they do, and we know you have a quality product to offer.

Of course, you’ll never be converting 100% of all leads that come into your funnel, but you can always do something to get closer and closer.

The leaders in the roofing industry lead from ahead because they’ve developed systems and processes that assure several things:

1. Leads never get forgotten

Once they get a new lead, it goes right into their CRM and directly into their sales cycle. It’s logged, it’s complete, it’s tracked, and it’s never, ever forgotten.

2. Leads always get followed up with

With the lead in their CRM, they get notifications, reminders, and alerts to make sure the lead keeps moving through the cycle. The CRM plays the role of instigator and assures that no lead goes too long without a follow up to incentivize, clarify, or otherwise assist the lead in taking the next step.

3. The lead’s choice is always quick and easy

In sales, there’s no time to wait. If you’ve got a lead that’s ready to move forward, you don’t want to have to say, “oops, I left the contract back at the office.” You need to have all the tools to make each step fast and easy for the customer. That means being able to generate a full contract right on the site, having their info auto-filled into the document, and being able to get their signature with their finger on the spot.

Having a system in place is the only way we’ll be able to get passed leads falling through the cracks, or losing a lead at the last minute because of us being unorganized.

We can definitely secure contracts as is, but if we don’t have a process in place and the tools in our hands, then we’ll be throwing good leads away.

Can we get the work done?

Now that’s a horse of a different color. Do we get work done? Of course we do. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have a business.

But maybe the question we should be asking is: are we getting work done in the right order, on time, and as efficiently as possible?

I would venture a guess that we’ve still got some work to do. Even in 2015, there are still a ton of roofing companies who are running their operations on pen and paper, or Excel if they’re really feeling adventurous. Papers are getting lost, schedules are getting double, triple, and quadruple-booked or not booked at all, and projects are taking far too long to complete.

Your production management needs to be just as efficient as your sales team. You need to be in the mindset that you haven’t sold anything until you’ve finished the job and left the site spick and span. Your customers are watching, and they’re your best potential leads for future work and your best lead sources for new referrals, reviews, or testimonials.

This makes having some kind of production management software an absolute necessity, and having it combined with CRM just makes the complete end-to-end process as smooth as Amish butter.

Once you’ve got your production management processes and system in place, then you can play with all the fun new toys to save you time, money, and risks. I’m talking about EagleView, Accurence, drones, and all that other fun stuff.


The industry is healthy, and most companies are moving in the right direction. But we can’t overlook some of the tools that have been around for years and are ready to help us move forward towards greater efficiency and growth.

Seriously, this is 2015 (can you believe it?!). The iPhone has been around since 2007, the internet since the 80s, and computers since the 50s. How are we not using this stuff every day to find more leads, close more sales, and do better work?

The technology to build higher is here. Let’s let us take it to the next level so we can enjoy the #bestofsuccess in 2016 and beyond.


Unfortunately, the team at JobNimbus wasn’t able to make it to this year’s conference (we’re too busy working on getting new features into your hands ASAP), but we sure would have loved the chance to meet and learn with you.

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