Bowl of Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms of Sales.

We’ve all seen the Lucky Charms ads on TV, and we’re familiar with the Irish lore and supernatural qualities of certain “lucky” objects.

But I believe all myths and fables are based on truth and are exaggerated versions of real life. Much like M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and Lady in the Water, we can all be part of real life fairy tales, just in a more grounded way.

And, while “luck” might not be a calculable thing in the universe, nor should it be an intended tool for a salespersons’ belt, I think there are real ways we can stack the deck to give us the highest probability of having a much better outcome.

Luck-Inspired Qualities of a Dandy Salesperson

The Lucky Charms of Sales - HeartHearts

A salesperson should put their whole heart into what they’re selling. That means studying and knowing the product forward and backward.

That means being converted to your own product and selling someone on it, not because you want another number on a spreadsheet, but because you really believe in your product and know that your product is the best solution for your customer.

The Lucky Charms of Sales - StarStars

We all know the timeless phrase, ‘when you wish upon a star’. Most famously sung by a cricket named Jiminy, the song reminds us to dream, to yearn for something greater. That’s healthy ambition right there that drives us to perform on a new level each time we go out to sell.

But just wishing ain’t enough. After all, stars are just giant balls of exploding hydrogen and helium. Stars can’t make your dreams come true any more than your ex. That takes effort on your part, putting it all out there to make that dream a reality.

The next time you head out of the office, or make your next call, be sure to wish upon a star, and then do everything you know how to make that wish come true.

The Lucky Charms of Sales - HorseshoeHorseshoes

The theory goes that you should keep a horseshoe with the opening facing up so that the luck won’t run out. If that’s the case, then please forgive the marshmallow to my left.

But there’s also a right and a wrong way to manage your customers and new leads in order to optimize their potential and give you the best chances to make the sale.

If you leave your leads hanging upside down, all their hope in your product will eventually run out, and so will your luck. So when a lead comes in, you need to record their information quickly and completely, and store it in a place where you’ll never be without it.

Contact info, appointments, follow ups, contracts, proposals, etc. can all be stored safely in a CRM to be accessed later at any time and any place, effectively keeping your horseshoes properly hung for maximum impact.

The Lucky Charms of Sales - CloverClovers

The classic belief is that clovers are so rare, you’re lucky to find just one in your lifetime.

In reality, it isn’t an impossible task. According to Minitab, “[the] estimated statistical odds of finding a four-leaf clover on your first try is 10,000 to 1.”

But instead of wasting your time looking for a plant with a genetic mutation, be sure to set your sites on those golden sales; the ones that will not only be sold on your product before you even approach them, but the ones that will start selling your product to their family and friends and will give you referrals galore.

Building from these hard-to-find, four-leaf evangelists is the best way to expand beyond your own reach and grow your sales exponentially.

The Lucky Charms of Sales - Blue MoonBlue Moons

If you’ve ever heard the saying, once in a blue moon, you know it’s all about rare opportunities that don’t come around very often.

Being a salesperson means looking out for those golden opportunities and seizing the day. It means casting your line in the great Loch Ness and taking out as many as will gently tug while you wait for the elusive beast to take the bait.

This is not just about setting high goals, nor is it about . It’s about persistence.

Because Nessy won’t be your first catch, nor will he probably be your 1,000th catch, but he might be your next. If you’re persistent, you’re sure to bring in the big fish when the time is right.

The Lucky Charms of Sales - Pot of Gold

Pots of Gold

In sales, you should constantly be setting goals and making plans to achieve them.

And goals are no good unless you’re tracking your progress. That means having a CRM that will allow you to track lead source, statuses, close rates, and other pipeline details. That means using the CRM consistently to log, and then examine how you’ve done.

While you should always make achievable goals, you also shouldn’t set your bar so low that you never end up hitting the jackpot. Goals should stretch you to do better each day.

Don’t be greedy, and be very thankful for every doubloon that you find on your way, but you should also look at each doubloon as being another breadcrumb on your path towards the mother-load.

The Lucky Charms of Sales - RainbowRainbows

“Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly.”

Yea, rainbows signify the gateway to something better. The ever-present portal to a higher way, and the beauty after the storm.

Let’s face it: sometimes sales just hit a standstill. Sometimes we feel like every door slams in our face, every person we call hangs up, and every step we take is followed by two steps back.

But as we travel throughout life’s rain (and hail), when we think sales can’t get any slower, we should remind ourselves that the sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun.

Sorry about that.

The Lucky Charms of Sales - Red BalloonRed Balloons

Despite the recent news of helium getting increasingly scarce, balloons still do fly towards the sky, and that’s where we should set our sights.

If we’re just looking to hover, we’ll never reach our true potential among the stars. We need to set our sights high, moving the goal up, and pushing the needle further in order to get more out of ourselves and reach new heights.


Lucky Charms isn’t just a sugary cereal that turns your milk green (what color does it turn your digestive system?). It’s a set of principles that every salesperson should live by in order to achieve more.

But don’t carry a rabbits foot keychain around with you hoping for the best. These lucky charms are things you can start doing today to increase sales and grow your business.

Which lucky charms have you found that have worked for you?

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