v1.27: Related, Groups, Saved Task States

Our latest update, v1.27, is all about adding convenience and power to JobNimbus. It’s also based entirely on feedback we’ve received from our amazing and very helpful customers.

These features are available to use now. Nothing to download, upload, reload, or change, so have at them!

Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest new features:

Related & Search On Grids

v1.27 Related & SearchRelated (checkbox)

With ‘Jobs’ enabled, there’s always the possibility of accidentally creating an estimate or attaching a photo to the contact, instead of the job. The first question we get is: how can I get that to show up on the job?

Behold: The ‘Related’ checkbox. This handy checkbox is hidden behind the new left arrow on the top of the grids in JobNimbus and, when checked, will allow you to see one level deep (if you’re looking at a job, you’ll be able to see the stuff that’s attached to the related contact on that job, or visa versa).

Screenshot 2015-08-17 19.02.15

The cool thing is, the checkbox is unique to each grid. So, if you just want to see the Activity/Notes from the contact and not the attachments, then just check the box on the Activity grid. Same thing goes for Estimates, Invoices, Work Orders, and more.

Also nice is we save your choice, so the next time you go to a job’s activity grid, it will already be checked for you.

Search on Grids

Right next to that left-pointing arrow is a brand new search icon that opens up a couple of options. If you’re on the Activity grid, for instance, the first thing you’ll see is a dropdown menu that let’s you choose what type of activity you want to see, whether it’s All, System Activity, or just User Activity.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 19.05.20

Then, you’ll have an open search bar. This searches just that grid’s contents and is fantastic for finding notes and emails, or attachments that you need to send off, or find the estimate that you had sent off a few weeks ago and has now been buried under several others.

v1.27 Groups Groups

This is a brand new, optional feature that gives you the ability to separate your team members into specific groups to better track things like you do in the real world.

It’s been around for a while, but we’ve held off from making a formal announcement until we were able to add these important pieces to the puzzle.

You can create and manage your Groups by going to your Settings and turning on the feature

Group Managers

Now, each group can be assigned a Group Manager (or several Group Managers). These can be your project managers, or your office managers, crew managers, etc.

Anyone that oversees the work of some other reps or crews. The benefit here is that a Group Manager can see all the stuff that each Group Member has on their list, whether it’s contacts, jobs, tasks, work orders, etc. This shows up on web and syncs to the Manager’s mobile app.

This makes it really convenient for managers to know what their reps have on their list and what needs to get done so they can assign it out.

Group Calendars

In addition to seeing what other Group Members have assigned to them, Group Managers can also toggle their Group Members on and off on the claendar to quickly see each members’ scheduled stuff and be able to schedule around it.

v1.27 Saved Task Grid State

Saved Task Grid State

On Task grids, you can choose to see your Incomplete tasks, Completed tasks, or Both, but each time you went back you’d have to set it to what you wanted to see.

No more! Now, JobNimbus is smart neough to remember what you set it to last time and will keep it that way until you change it again. No matter where you go in the app, every task list will show the same preference, so you’re not having to change each one.

It’s just one way we’re trying to make things easier for you to see exactly what you want when you want it.

Plus Improvements & Bug Fixes

As for bug fixes, in addition to a myriad that we’ve been fixing throughout this update cycle, we’ve also made an update to fix a CSV duplicate key error that was causing some CSVs upon contact import to say a duplicate CSV has already been uploaded.

Previous Updates

You can check out the details on previous JobNimbus updates by going to our Update page.

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