“I looooooove being able to upload pdf’s from my phone. Love love LOVE. Did I say love??????”

– A JobNimbus customer who’s very happy about this update.

Mobile v1.7 Open Documents In JobNimbus

This update to the JobNimbus mobile app brings a new way to get your documents into JobNimbus, whether they be contracts, proposals, receipts, and more.

If your documents are in Dropbox, or an email app, or another storage app, you can just use the Open In… functionality to bring that document into JobNimbus and the app will guide you to attaching that document to its corresponding contact or job.

If you have a scanner app installed on your phone or tablet, you can do this same process to scan in paper documents and then import those into the corresponding job files in JobNimbus.

Doing this will help you keep everything organized help you leave all that messy paper behind.

What Else Is New In v1.7?

In addition to the document ‘Open In…’ feature, we also added support for Advanced Workflows, a feature which was added in v1.25 that allows you to create milestones where only certain team members have authorization to move a contact or job forward.

We’ve also applied a bunch of performance enhancements and bug fixes to make sure the app is working for you day to day.

Update/Download Now To Try

This update is available now from the App Store and Google Play Stores. If you have automatic updates enabled on your account, you should already have the new update installed and ready to use.

If you don’t have the latest version, click your device’s corresponding button below to install the update.

JobNimbus Mobile App on the App Store

JobNimbus Mobile App on the Google Play Store

Previous Updates

For information on previous updates of JobNimbus’ web or mobile apps, see our other update announcements.

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