v1.26 Improvements to Financials (Blog)

All work and no play makes JobNimbus a much better tool for you, and this brand new update brings new tools and conveniences to make some of your work more like play.

Reorder Items on Estimates, Invoices, Work Orders, and Material Orders

v1.26 Reorder Estimate ItemsYou know those times when you’ve spent an hour on an estimate getting everything about the job lined up only to find out that you’ve forgotten to add an item that had to go up to the top?

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen anymore. Because now you can just drag your line items around wherever you want. OK, maybe not wherever you want (you can’t drag them through the drive-thru with you, for instance), but you can certainly place them at any point in the estimate you’re building.

Tab-Tab-Tabbing on Line Items

v1.26 Tabbing on FinancialsJust like reordering, this one goes for estimates, invoices, work and material orders. Now there’s a much easier way to get around your line items. Just hitting the TAB key on your keyboard will send you exactly where you expect it to: the next field.

And when you get to the end and need to add another item, just hit tab to select “Add Line Item” and hit Enter to add one.

You’re welcome.

See Remaining Balance on Invoice Reports

v1.26 Invoice Balance on ReportsDespite all the rich data that you can already see on the Invoice reports, one number was notably missing: Balance.

But no more! Now you can add a Balance column to your Invoice reports in order to see how much is left to pay on it before it’s closed out. For new Invoice reports, the balance column is added by default, so you’re good to go whenever you need to see that crucial number of how much your customers have yet to pay on their invoices.

Convert Your Work Orders To Estimates or Invoices

v1.26 Convert Work Orders to Estimates and InvoicesIn addition to being able to convert your estimates into invoices, now you can take your work orders and create estimates and invoices in one click.

This has several uses, but it’s especially great for when you’ve had to order changes along the way after the initial estimate and would like to include those changes when creating an invoice by converting that work order.

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All of these time-saving, sanity-preserving, and fun-loving features can be used starting right now. No downloads required, nothing to wait for. Just log into the web app and start using these features today!

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