There’s been something on my mind lately, something that hasn’t really affected me until only recently.

Lately I’ve been more keen to seeing waste.

Maybe it’s my endeavors dabbling with design and working to try to improve the JobNimbus user interface, and then looking at other software after all I’ve learned. I see waste in JobNimbus and waste in other software.

But even more, I’m seeing a lot of waste in other places. Like garbage on the streets.

I live in a small, tight knit community that keeps things relatively clean. It’s a breath of fresh air (especially here in the Pacific Northwest), but the more I look around me, the more I realize that we are using a lot.


Maybe it’s that I’m walking around a lot with my 2-year-old who loves picking up trash that she finds on the ground to put it into the next garbage can she sees (self-taught, to our surprise and chagrin). Maybe it’s that I’m just getting older and I’ve started seeing the trees for the forest.

And maybe it’s my Seattle upbringing that instilled in me an urge to recycle everything I know how.

Those who know me know that I love the outdoors, but I’m no tree hugger. I love the trees, and I love the stuff we harvest from them, alike.

But I’m starting to feel the need to slow down and find other ways to fulfill our resource needs.

Sad Tree

New technology is helping to fuel our tomorrow

We live in an amazing time. One where technology is rapidly accelerating our ability to learn, achieve, and produce.

And we’re also at an exciting time where we’re about to make huge advances in solar, battery, and e-device technology that will change the way we use the Earth’s resources.

We’re already seeing some affects through technologies like fracking, helping to boost the economy, though potentially bringing some unintended consequences.

Just a couple weeks ago, we heard about some people who have been able to make battery packs based on alluminum, rather than the poisonous and volatile lithium-ion. Not only are they safer and more environmentally-friendly, but they’re also longer lasting and charge in a fraction of the time.

The point is, things are changing, and absolutely changing for the better.

So, isn’t it time that we start to change for the better, too?

Harnessing the power of technology to do more and waste less

One of the things I see a lot of companies still doing is printing.

We’ve got all-day devices at our fingertips that store documents, allow you to share them instantly, edit them, sign them, and archive them.

Just think about that for a second.

You can literally make a change on your calendar, and in a matter of milliseconds, everyone you share that calendar with will be able to see the update without having to do anything.

Compare that to printed documents.

Print has been integral in the advancement of humanity

The written word has had a profound impact on humanity, and the printing press took that impact and introduced it to the entire world and mass scale.

Gutenberg Printing Press with Moveable Type

Johann Gutenberg’s moveable type press changed so much in a matter of a few years. Everything from education to religion was completely upended and disrupted by this technology.

These days, we take our Epson inkjet printer for granted. It never used to be this easy to produce a physical document in seconds.

But physical documents are out of style.

They’ve served their purpose, but with few exceptions, digital is the new champion of the workplace.

And if you want to take your business to the next level, it’s time to fax the whole idea of printing to the past.

Sure, there might still be some reasons to print some things. Archives, receipts for accounting, documents for those who still accept only printed items, etc might need to be printed, but your business should be as digital as possible.

How JobNimbus can help digitize your business

Our goal is that from the time you get a call from a new lead to the time you reach out to them again for a follow up or new work proposal, everything happens digitally.

Lead information is added into the CRM and the entire sales process is registered in terms of notes, phone calls, emails, status updates, estimates, and more.

Since a lead can be passed around, having everything saved in one place where anyone who’s assigned can access is pivotal to advancing your business goals.

Once the sale is made, the documents are generated and signed right from your mobile device with the customer’s finger, then it can be remotely assigned to the production manager to get the job scheduled, the material and work orders generated, and the crews assigned.

Shared calendars help office managers, group managers, reps, and crews alike to know exactly what’s going on, when it’s happening, and are completely up-to-date without having to call in or go to the office to get a printout of their calendar that they’ll probably lose on the way to the first appointment.

Invoices and payments to them can be done digitally, as well as the statuses for production and the followup, and tasks and notifications can be created along the way.

There is very little, if anything, that you need to print if you’re using JobNimbus.

Printing is done. Hop on the digital train.

With all these resources at your fingertips, in your office, and out in the field, it’s time to bring the future, with all it’s life-changing benefits, to your office.

If you’re ready to dramatically improve your business, click the button below to take the pledge that you’re ready to leave printing behind.

Relax. JobNimbus will take care of the rest.

Take the digital plunge today with JobNimbus.

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