@Mentions - One Little Symbol Changes Everything

Communicate better with @mentions, available now for web, iOS, Android

Now you can call out one or more team members when adding a note. When you save the note, they’ll get a notification sent to their email that they’ve been mentioned.

The email includes the full note that you added into JobNimbus as well as the record (job, contact, task, estimate, etc) it was attached to and a link to get to that record.

Use this to instantly:

  • Notify other team members of work or changes to a job
  • Send instructions to new assignees or relate what you’ve done
  • Share new updates to a contact’s info

You can do this and a whole lot more. With this, small @ symbol, the possibilities are endless.

Best of all, you can use @Mentions starting NOW from both the web app and on the JobNimbus mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

How To Use @Mentions

To get started with @Mentions:

1. Find a contact, job, or other record to add a note and open the Add Note dialog.
2. Type the @ symbol.
3. You’ll see suggestions appear to choose from. You can continue typing to narrow the list, or choose a team member to add.
4. To mention another team member, just type another @ symbol in the same note and choose that team member.
5. Save the note.
6. This team member(s) will receive the notification instantly.

Ready to give it a try?

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Your company could be next.

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