Multi-Photo Upload & Improved Sync in Mobile v1.5

After a couple of updates to the web app, it’s time to give our mobile app some love.

In this release, we’ve taken to improving a couple of the most important experiences on JobNimbus for iOS and Android: uploading photos and syncing.

Upload multiple photos at once

Mobile v1.5 Multi-Photo UploadNow you can upload multiple pictures from your camera roll or other photo albums on your phone or tablet at the same time.

When you go to upload photos, choose the “Select from Album” option and choose the album you would like to select from.

Then tap to select the photos you’d like to upload. When you’ve chosen all of them, hit “Save” at the top right.

Sure beats uploading them one by one, doesn’t it?

Sync is better, faster, and more reliable

Mobile v1.5 Improved SyncWe’ve updated the engine that powers synchronization from mobile to our servers, making the sync process better than ever.

Syncing your app is now faster and you can trust that everything that you’ve added or changed in the app will be uploaded in sequence and on time.

We’ll have some very exciting updates to sync in the very near future, so be on the lookout for those.

It’s all around more performant

We took a fine-toothed comb across the app and worked out some performance issues and squashed some bugs that were annoying the heck out of us.

You should see the app running faster and working with you, not against you.

How do you get the new update?

The update is for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices and is available now from the respective app stores.

If you haven’t received the automatic update or haven’t seen the update notification, click the app store icon below to update your app now:

JobNimbus App on the App StoreJobNimbus App on Google PlayWe have some very exciting news coming in fast for mobile. We’ll have more to announce as soon as we can, but we can’t wait to show you what we have behind door number 2.

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