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The sky is falling!!! Well, in a few isolated places, the sky is falling.

The hail season is kicking into gear and that means phones ringing, sales people on the streets, and crews moving to get a new roof over people’s heads.

The question is: are you going to make the same mistakes this season that you made last season?

Answer: You Can’t Afford Another Year Of The Same Mistakes

Sales people are the lifeblood of your company. The key to sales is finding a successful process and then repeating it, over and over.

Training is helpful and, as long as you can make it stick, it will help a lot. The question is, how do you make it stick?

I have one answer for you: Accountability.

To be honest, no sales person is in love with paperwork. They are out there to sell, not push paper.

What you want to do this season is be able to create a process that will not only help with accountability, but help you to grow your company.

If you know that the last sales person you hired is using the same process that the first sales person is using, you can be confident that your system is working and that any tweaks you make to it will resonate throughout the entire group.

That means using a single tool that contains a defined process that can’t be easily screwed up or taken advantage of. Once everyone is using your roofing software of choice, the visibility increases exponentially and the productivity rises well beyond previous levels.

That’s the goal and it’s what we work the help you achieve.

This year, JobNimbus has really worked hard to bring some awesome new features to our customers. Improvements to the mobile app, boards, EagleView integrations, and automated processes have topped the list of favorite features when we showed at the International Roofing Expo.

If you missed the opportunity to swing by our booth, it isn’t too late to stop by our website and get signed up for a free demo. Our roofing software is helping contractors everywhere improve their processes.

Just think of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you are sitting on the beach in the middle of hail season, watching your company run like a well oiled machine, from your smartphone.

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