How To- Order an EagleView in JobNimbus

In v1.22, we were overjoyed to add EagleView Technologies to our growing list of powerful integrations.

Now, aerial roof measurements for your jobs are just a few clicks away and tie directly into the job folder in JobNimbus, at no additional charge.

Here are the steps to order an EagleView in JobNimbus

Note: You must have an active account with EagleView; related charges apply.

1. Turn On EagleView Integration

First thing you’ll want to do is enable the integration with EagleView in JobNimbus. To do that, head to your Settings and find the Features tab.


Find the listing for EagleView under the 3rd Party Features section and click Enable.


2. Set Up Products

After enabling the feature, a new tab in Settings will appear for EagleView. On this tab, you’ll add your email address for your EagleView account.


Once you’ve added your email, click Load Products to pull in the product options available to your account.

From this list, choose the products that you’d like to have available to choose from when ordering your aerial measurements from JobNimbus.


After choosing, click Update Products and your choice will be saved and available to choose from when ordering an EagleView.


3. Order EagleView

Now it’s time to order your EagleView. You can order from either a Contact or a Job.


Choose the record that you’d like to order from and use the action menu on that record to choose Order EagleView.


On the popup, fill out the address information (if it isn’t already filled in for you, or if it differs from the one on the job or contact you’re ordering from).


The choose which report you’d like to order.


Once you’ve chosen your report, choose the applicable delivery method.


Fill in a Claim Number and the number of structures to include.


There is a space for more options where you can include if this structure has changed in the last 4 years, Claim Info, PO Number, and any extra Comments you would like to include.


Once everything is filled out, just click Place Order and your order will be sent to EagleView for processing.


4. Delivery and viewing

When your EagleView order is ready, it will automatically be sent back to your JobNimbus account and attached directly to the job or contact that you ordered it from.

Depending on the delivery method, this can vary in time, but you’ll receive an email notification letting you know that the EagleView is now available for you to see.

If you head over to the contact or job, you’ll see an Activity event is logged for when the order was placed.

If you go to the Attachments tab, you’ll see your EagleView document attached as a PDF and a .JSON file.


Thanks to our new PDF Preview feature, you’re able to view your entire EagleView order results right from inside JobNimbus.


If you have an app that uses the .JSON file to pull out data, feel free to download that file from JobNimbus to pull into that app. We also have plans to use this file in the future to help you get more value out of this EagleView integration.

That’s It!

And that’s all you need to do. Having everything set up, all you have to do is place the order from here on out and you’ll be able to conveniently get aerial measurements of your jobs sent right to the job in your CRM and project management software for reference later.

If you have any question about how to set up or use our EagleView integration, don’t hesitate to comment here below or send us an email to at any time.

For more how to’s and to learn about setting up other powerful features in JobNimbus, click here.

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