IRE JobNimbus Booth - International Roofing Expo 2015

After months of anticipation and a crazy week at the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans, we’re back in the office.

We had a blast meeting and greeting, and learning even more about how we can make JobNimbus better for all our users.

Big Announcements, Great Conversations, Good People

This year, we were very happy to debut our brand new integration with EagleView Technologies, along with new features like Boards and online PDF Previews.

These tools will help our roofing customers get more done than ever before.

JobNimbus at IRE 2015

What do you do after such an amazing show is over?

I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do:

It’s time to get back to work

The IRE is a great time for us, not only because we get to meet a lot of you in person and have a nice chat, but also because it helps remind us of the great people we’re building this roofing software for.

It gives us better vision to know that we are building a software that will help real people solve real problems with simple solutions that last.

It helps us to talk through features, discover new solutions, and build the best darn product that we know how.

And we’re already in the thick of it. We have new updates coming in the next few days, and more the month after, that will make your work not only easier, but will help you communicate better with your team and build a more efficient machine that is your company.

JobNimbus is completely built from the ground up on feedback. We started JobNimbus because this industry needed simple, powerful software to get work done.

We’re taking all that feedback to build new features and improve others. Please keep all that feedback coming.

See you next year!

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