Introducing: EagleView® and PDF Previews in v1.22

Our latest update to JobNimbus was announced this last week at the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, and this update is about as big as the IRE itself.

Indeed, JobNimbus has a brand new integration that is sure to get roofers excited, plus a brand new way to view your PDF attachments for everyone else.

Without further adieu…

EagleView Integration Is Here

Announcing EagleView Integration - Aerial Roof Measurements in JobNimbus

Aerial roof measurements have landed in JobNimbus via our latest integration, this time with EagleView Technologies.

Our integration ties in with any account that you already have with EagleView and allows you to select which products you want available to order from JobNimbus.

Then, you can order those EagleView products from a Contact or Job in JobNimbus and when the order is complete it will be sent back into JobNimbus and attached to that record. Once it’s attached, you’ll get an email notifying you know that the order is ready.

Our integration is free to turn on and use, you’ll only need to pay for the EagleView service separately.

So, are you ready to turn on EagleView for your account? Just click the button below and navigate to the Features tab to ‘Enable’ the feature.

Turn On EagleView Integration in JobNimbus


PDF Previews With Multiple Pages

Multi-Page PDF Previews in JobNimbus

Previously, in order to see a PDF attachment in JobNimbus you had two options: a soft download in another window in your browser or a full download to your computer.

Neither was very streamlined, and both got in the way of your productivity. But no longer!

Now we provide dynamic thumbnail previews of your PDFs in the Attachments tab (a la photo thumbnails) and when you click the thumbnail it opens a fullscreen preview of the PDF, complete with every page.

No more downloading, no more slowing down. Just click it, read it, and go.

downTo give it a try, just click the button below and find a contact to add a multi-page PDF to. Just upload the attachment and click the thumbnail.

Try PDF Previews Now


EagleView and PDF Previews were added as part of our v1.22 release, and were accompanied by various improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes throughout the system.

As always, these features are available right now for all Pro users, so be sure to try them out and let us know what you think.

And, as always, we would love to hear what you think about these features and any others you think would make JobNimbus better for you. Please let us know through the yellow Feedback button at the bottom left of the app.

Enjoy! We have much more coming very soon.

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