When it comes to handling several different tasks at once while making sure all the materials are ordered and the customer stays informed, managing your jobs becomes a very daunting task.

At this point you probably start looking for some help to keep it all together. You might start looking for some software that’s free and light-weight.

You might start with a calendar and a note taking app, maybe an Excel spreadsheet to manage contact information, and a task manager to have your tasks, and an email address for communication, and the list starts piling up.

Everything is separate and one thing doesn’t talk to the other, all your records are disconnected.

In other words, it’s a mess.

But there’s a better way, and free job management software might be the ticket, but it also might not be.

Simple software, however, will always be your ticket to success. Here’s why.

Managing your jobs on the cheap will only get you so far

If you’re thrifty, resourceful, have a ton of patience, and are willing to cut some corners and miss out on some powerful features, free can certainly work.

But free will never buy you the whole package that you need to manage your jobs from start to finish with every step and team member accounted for, plus reports to boot.

Free will never be enough to get you advanced features, or personalized phone and email support when you’re lost in those features.

With free solutions, you’re generally on your own amidst a field of disparate tools that only wish they could do for you what you employed them to do.

You can make free work, but there are a lot of but’s that you have to get around.

Free isn’t for everyone, but simple is.

While free isn’t for everyone, basic simplicity in a process and in the software that drives it is.

A free solution often becomes the antithesis of simple. You start juggling several different systems at once, trying to keep everything together, you lose papers or you forget things along the way. While each tool might be simple by itself, integrating it with others can be a nightmare.

That’s why a single, simple, complete job management platform is the way to go for most companies looking to manage their jobs from beginning to end.

When you’ve got one login to one software that has all your files, job and contact records, tasks, estimates & invoices, and allows you to access them at all times from anywhere (mobile or web), then you’ve got a winner on your hands.

Only then will you be able to move past the job of job management and get to the joy of watching all the pieces fall into place in order and on time.


If the budget is really, really tight, make do with what you can to get things done, but if you have even just $25 a month, use it on simple software to manage your projects.

That small investment will pay dividends in the months and years to come, and will probably even add years to your life.

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