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Every day you’re probably asking yourself, what are my competitors doing to get so far ahead?

You’re working your butt off and even then you sometimes feel like you can never keep up.

Well, I’m about to let you in on a little secret that your competitors would probably rather you not know.

What Are Your Competitors Doing To Get So Far Ahead?

For starters, they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary or supernatural.

They might be running some creative marketing campaigns or reaching out to some niche that you haven’t thought of yet, but the majority of what puts your competitors ahead of you is that they’re doing these three things:

1. They’ve Invested In CRM and Project Management (Strategy & Software)

Not only have they found and started using software to manage their contacts and jobs, but they’ve also taken the time and effort to flesh out their process and streamline it for the future.

That means developing a strategy and a set of processes that must be followed in order to achieve the optimal result. It’s simple: do this, this, and this, so we can get this, this and this.

Building a CRM and management strategy takes time, and most businesses don’t spend the required amount of time to get it right, and they hurt for it.

If you want to get started on your own process, check out this guide.

2. They Use It Daily And For Every Possible Situation

The benefits of CRM and job management software are not in using them lightly, or simply when you feel like it.

If you want the benefits, you have to train yourself. You have to say, “this is the new way, the future, and we’ve gotta do it this way from now on.”

Once you’ve built that strategy and implemented it into your software, then it’s time to follow through and use it every day, the whole day. Rain or shine. In good times and in bad times.

Using it daily will keep the good times coming and the bad times further away. It will keep your team more constant and focused. It will keep you more organized so you waste less. It will build your team and keep things moving.

And, it will allow you to see where you can improve and help you re-engage old customers like never before.

3. They’re Carrying Everything With Them Everywhere

If you’re leaving your CRM at the office, it isn’t doing you enough good.

If your CRM is stuck at the office because it’s just downloaded onto your computer, it isn’t good enough.

You need your CRM and project management software with you at all times in order to use it for every facet of your job.

If you still can, invest in cloud CRM that offers a mobile app option for tablet and smartphone. Don’t go cheap and don’t accept an extra charge for mobile. Having a mobile version of your software is your right and necessity in this mobile age.

Keep your CRM close. Take it to the job site, take it to the truck, take it to and from the office. Don’t let it take over your life, but let it take over your job. Let it do for you what you could never do for yourself.

Mobile CRM and project management software is your extra employee that goes the extra mile for you every day.


Let’s face it: your competitors aren’t doing anything you couldn’t do, too. All it takes is the right direction, putting your money in the right place, and putting in the effort.

If you don’t have a strategy and process locked down for CRM and project management, make that your #1 priority and finish that before anything else. Get something, anything in place, test it, refine it, and then find software that will enable you to accelerate that process.

Make sure that solution is mobile and that your team is trained and committed to getting the most out of it every day.

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