JobNimbus To Reveal Improved Roofing Software At IRE Roofing Expo 2015

2014 brought a lot of opportunities, along with a lot of challenges. From instability in the economy, to heightened competition, the idea of “getting by” was on everybody’s mind.

With all the challenges facing roofers today, isn’t it time for roofing software to revolutionize your work day and get you from “just getting by” to “knocking it out of the park”?

We think so, and we’re taking that idea and all the work we’ve done last year with us to the International Roofing Expo in 2015.

New Features, New Improvements in Software for Roofing Contractors

When it comes to roofing software, the playing field has been admittedly lukewarm.

There are plenty of tools out there to help roofing contractors with their day-to-day tasks, from roofing calculators, to estimators, to gantt charts, to custom Excel spreadsheets, to address books, and so on.

The field has had a lot of diversity, with a lot of custom software built by contractors coming out of propriety and into the public eye.

But with all these tools, roofers are still having problems.

That’s because of a few things:

1. Roofers don’t need lots of tools. They need one tool.

Sure, there are a lot of tools out there, but no roofer wants to juggle between a tool for this and a tool for that, a device for this and a device for that.

There’s already enough tool switching in the real roofing world, adding lots of different software tools into that mix just complicates things.

What contractors need is one piece of software that runs all all their devices, in all circumstances, and does everything they need.

2. Roofers need tools that are ahead of the times, not stuck in the past.

While roofers aren’t necessarily known for being “on the cusp” of the technological curve, that doesn’t mean they deserve to be at the bottom.

Yet ever since the beginning, roofing software has kept roofers stuck in the past and the lack of advance in speed, compatibility, and power has left them wanting more.

That’s not to say there aren’t powerful tools out there that have been around for a while. Certainly there are.

But that power begins to dwindle every day as other industries enjoy the latest advancements in web and mobile technology and roofers consistently draw the short stick.

3. Roofers need tools that are built with simplicity, not utility, in mind.

There are so many powerful tools for roofers out there. The problem is, they were built for power, not for use.

What do I mean by that?

I mean they were built to do what they needed to do, and they do that very well, but they were never built with anyone considering how easy it would be for a roofer to actually use it.

But that’s the same reason why most of these tools have a high churn rate, high cancellation rates, and low usage rates.

Roofers just don’t have the time in their busy schedules to learn and do what most of the software are requiring of them.

So while they can get a lot done, the average roofer can’t actually get to that point.

So what are we going to do about it?

The quick answer is, we’ve already started.

JobNimbus has been available since 2012, and in the time since it was released we’ve been working with a vision to simplify roofing software to empower roofing contractors.

It’s not easy, and we certainly can’t say that we’ve made it and that we won’t do any more.

In reality, we’re just getting started, but we’ve already proven that we’re on the right track.

Roofer after roofer has expressed his or her gratitude and appreciation for JobNimbus. We’ve had a flood of testimonials thanking us for finally building the software they needed to get their job done.

All of those kind words are fuel in our engines to keep the fires of development burning towards building an even better too. Faster, easier, more powerful, and more ubiquitous than ever.

And we’re working on some new additions to be revealed at IRE 2015

That’s right. We have some nice surprises for roofing contractors everywhere that will help them to get more done in less time, making their jobs easier and giving them the chance to focus on getting more work lined up and completed.

While I can’t reveal what those new features and improvements will be, we will certainly be announcing them here on our blog, on our newsletter, and on our social media accounts, in addition to the reveal at the IRE in February.

JobNimbus Booth - International Roofing Expo (IRE) 2015


You’ll be able to find us in the technology section at booth 2410. We’ll be giving demos of the new features and chatting about the future of roofing with technology.

Come join us!

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