JobNimbus v1.21: Notification Preferences, Task Conflicts, Performance Improvements

Despite the burning desire to roast chestnuts and drink hot cocoa until we burst, the Holidays are a time for family, friends, and giving.

And, just as Santa brought toys for all the good girls and boys, we wanted to make sure you got something to make your favorite CRM and Project Management Software better.

So while you fought off droves of Holiday shoppers, we’ve been hard at work on the latest update to JobNimbus, available to use now.

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What’s New In JobNimbus v1.21:


PRO Email Notification Preferences
You can now choose which notifications you want to receive from JobNimbus including new assignments and daily task reminders.
Task Conflict Checker
Now when you’re adding a new task, JobNimbus will watch for other tasks that are already scheduled for the assignee at the same time and will notify you before you double-book so you adjust the date or time.


We’ve made several updates to back-end code that has increased performance across the entire app and improved stability.
Email Recipients
Previously, emails sent from JobNimbus labeled the first recipient as “To:” and the rest as “CC:”. Now all recipients are “To:” in order to increase chances of emails getting received and read.


Automation Task Type – We’ve fixed an issue that caused some automation rules to create tasks of a different Type than what was assigned.
Material Order Item Descriptions – Fixed an issue where editing a line item on a Material Order caused all other items to have the same description as that item.

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These updates are available now, so go ahead and log in to start trying them out.

If you have questions about getting started, please feel free to call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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