2015 Reasons Why 2015 Is Going To Be An Explosive Year

Heck no we aren’t doing “2015 Reasons,” but if we take out the zero and add a decimal, then surely we can cover 21.5 reasons why 2015 is going to be explosive for you.

Heck, we might even round up to 22. Do you feel lucky, pal? Well? Do ya?

2015 21.5 Reasons Why You’ll Be More Productive:

1. Attract More Leads

Thanks to all the work you’ve done in 2014, you’ve hopefully gathered a lot of data on your customers and what has worked the best to attract new customers.

Use that Lead Source field to make sure you’re putting marketing dollars in the right places to attract more leads this year.

2. Close More Leads Than Ever

Just as you’ve been able to track where your leads came from, you should be able to track which ones closed and what helped them to close.

Use this data to help you hone your sales pipeline and close more leads in 2015.

3. Less Jobs Slip Through The Cracks

With a better view of your pipeline and direct assignments available wherever you are, less jobs will slip through the cracks than ever before.

And when less jobs fall through the cracks, you complete more jobs, you close more sales, and you get more repeat business (the best kind of business).

4. You’ll Know Work Needs To Get Done

Creating tasks and assigning them to your team is a great way to make sure that each detail of a job is getting addressed in the right order.

It helps you cover every part of the job and helps everyone involved know exactly what they need to do right when they open up the app on their phone.

5. Every Day Is Scheduled

If you’re using tasks, you just have to open the calendar and – boom! – you’ve got everything you need to do each day.

And your employees? Boom! They have the same thing. Everyone gets they’re task assignments, everyone gets notified, everyone gets everything done.

6. Stay in Contact

With JobNimbus email integration, you can send and receive emails right from your contact or job list in your CRM. JobNimbus will help you stay in contact with your customers and help them to know that you care.

7. Create Estimates On The Go

Never again will you have to take notes on a clipboard that you take back to the office to build the estimate for the customer.

Get with the times and provide instant satisfaction to your customers by using the JobNimbus mobile app in the field using your existing products and services list, complete with pricing and details, and send it to your customer in a beautiful template for them to look over.

8. Generate Your Invoices Faster

Hate filling out a complete invoice for an estimate you’ve already created? So do we.

That’s why we make it possible for you to convert your estimates to invoices with just one click. Everything passes over automatically and you can make any changes necessary in order to bill your customers properly.

9. Build Work Orders More Easily

Once you have work to do, you need to make sure your crews know what they need to get done. Work Orders can be created in just one click from an estimate, just like the invoice, and you can create as many work orders as you need to get the job done.

Email them, print them out, and get them done.

10. Get Reports On Everything All The Time

Reports are easier and more versatile than ever in JobNimbus. You can create reports for Tasks, Contacts, Jobs, Estimates, Invoices, and more.

If you want to know how much you estimated this year, or how much invoiced money has yet to be collected, just create a report and you’ll have the answer in seconds. It’s a total time-saver.

11. Get Notifications

Stop living in the dark. Get notified in the same instant you get assigned a contact, job, or task, or when contacts and jobs change types or statuses.

You’re the boss, so make sure you’re in-the-know with immediate email notifications.

12. Automate Tasks

We all forget things every now and then, or we just want to be able to forget things in order to concentrate on others that more urgently need our attention.

JobNimbus’ automation is here to help you automatically generate and assign all the tasks you need along the way during your sales and production processes. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal that will have you saying, “phew”.

13. Keep Your Team Together

If you’re all working at the same company, it’s time to start acting like it. No one should have to ask what they need to do, nor should they wait for anyone to tell them.

With JobNimbus, everyone has a task list, a set of work orders, contacts, jobs, and notes that help you keep everyone in contact and letting each other know what to do at all times.

14. Send Material Orders

Need materials from your supply house? JobNimbus can take your estimate plus one click and spit out a material order that’s ready to email in seconds.

You’ll have your materials faster and be able to move on a job sooner this year with JobNimbus.

15. Proposals from Templates

Instead of typing out your proposals and replacing all the information one by one, you can create proposals for new potential customers by just creating the template and clicking to build the document from the web or mobile app.

JobNimbus will take all those extra steps out and will put in all your customer and job information automatically. Woah.

16. Other Templates, Too

Remember that thing about proposal templates? Yeah, you can do that with any document you’d like.

That means one-click document creation for any and all customers, saving you more time than you’ll know what to do with.

17. Signatures

Remember those estimates, invoices, and templates? You can get them all signed right from the JobNimbus mobile app on your phone or tablet.

No more printing and hassling with trying to find the page someone signed. Here it’s all stored and accessible to you any time you need it.

18. Mobile App

With all the other things that we’ve mentioned about the mobile app, it’s worth another mentioning.

Having the power of JobNimbus in the palm of your hand (or two hands, if you’re using it on a tablet)

19. QuickBooks Keeps The Books Clean

Few things are worse than an unorganized accounting setup. Chasing invoices, searching for checks, and knowing who still needs to pay for work done is a nightmare no one wants to deal with.

With integration with QuickBooks, JobNimbus helps you keep your accounting sanity and makes sure everything is where it should be, giving you perfect visibility.

20. Google Calendar Syncs You With Your Life

Having a calendar is great, but having that calendar connected to the same one you use throughout your office and your day helps you organize your life and job better than ever.

Integration with Google Calendar allows you flexible scheduling that keeps all your appointments in sync, no matter what device you’re using.

21. Maps Give You Perspective

With map integration right in JobNimbus, you’ll be able to see exactly where every team member is going to be during the day in one click. That way, you’ll know who’s closest to the next appointment and be able to dispatch without wasting time or resources.

21 1/2. Aerial Measurements

In 2015, you’ll finally be able to get your aerial measureme- oops… I may have said too much 😉


With JobNimbus, you can make the year 2015 explosive in terms of sales and productivity.

The tools are at your fingertips to help you go further and do more in less time than ever before. It’s up to you to take them and carry your business into the future.

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