How To Archive Completed Jobs in JobNimbus

JobNimbus is all about knowing exactly what’s on your plate and being able to get to work.

But once you start completing jobs, it’s best to keep those jobs out of the way of what’s open so you can focus on the task at hand.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to edit the “Completed” statuses in your workflows so they’re set to Archived. This will hide them from your Jobs grid, but still keep them accessible in search and custom reports.

Here’s How To Get Your Completed Jobs Archived

There are actually a few ways you can get your “Completed” Jobs out of the way including customizing & saving your main Jobs grid or creating a custom report to filter these out.

These methods work great, but the best way to make sure you’re always looking at your open jobs is by setting the statuses you want to hide as Archived.

1. To do that, go to your name at the top right and choose “Settings”.

Archive Jobs in JobNimbus

2. Once in Settings, choose the tab for Job Workflows.

Archive Jobs in JobNimbus

Here you’ll find a grid of all of your Workflows, their names, visibility, and the set of statuses for each.

We’ll start with the Medium Job Type here, but you can do this for all your job types or just a few or one of them.

4. To edit the statuses, put your mouse over the row of the Job Type and use the action menu (gear icon) and choose “Edit”.

Archive Jobs in JobNimbus

5. Now find the Completed status, or whichever status you have set to designate the final, closed status. Use the action menu to choose “Edit” on that status row.

Archive Jobs in JobNimbus

6. Find the checkbox for “Is Archived?” and check it.

Archive Jobs in JobNimbus

7. Once you’re done, be sure to click “Save Status”.

Archive Jobs in JobNimbus

You’ll now see this status on the Workflow is set to “Archived”.

Archive Jobs in JobNimbus

You can repeat this for all your statuses or just a few, depending on how you want to filter your reports.

Now, when you go back to “Jobs” on the left side or look at your main Jobs grid on the Dashboard, all Jobs that are in a Completed status will be archived and automatically filtered from the report.

They’ll still be accessible if you search for them and you can create a Custom Job Report to see them whenever you want. If you want to create a Custom Job Report that filters these Archived jobs out as well, you can either filter by Status or add an Archived filter set to “false”.


Archiving your completed jobs helps keep you on top of what’s important without worrying about having to sift through the jobs you’ve already completed.

If you happen to need any assistance with archiving your jobs, contact us at at any time.

For more how to’s and to learn about setting up other powerful features in JobNimbus, click here.

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