3 Features Your Job Management Software Doesn't Have (And You Need)

I recently read an article titled, “Your Company WILL Be A Software Company.” It goes into detail about how software has infiltrated every industry, even those that aren’t software-related like libraries, manufacturing, retail, and more) and how that trend is only going to continue.

That’s because software provides endless possibilities to make every job better, easier, and more efficient than before.

Surely every business can benefit from software that will help employees and managers to handle their customers and their projects on a large and small scale.

Job management software is a game changer for every business who finds the right software and is able to implement it.

But there are some key features that many job management systems don’t have that you might be missing out on.

Must-Have Features For Managing Your Jobs

1. Contact Management

Traditional job management software is about exactly that: managing jobs.

But a job is only one part of an overall process, starting with a lead that becomes a customer.

If you want to track every aspect of a job, you have to be able to track the customer the job is for, the sales process related to that customer in order to obtain the job, and how that job came to you.

CRM Is A Must

Having CRM attached to Job Management gives you total visibility over the entire process, allowing you to provide a better overall experience for the customer and to better plan your efforts going forward.

Is Integrated CRM Enough?

There is, of course, the option to have CRM software integrated into your job management software. This can work, but that depends on how integrated it is and how easily you can get at the data to cross-reference.

It’s better if the CRM and job management are one in the same, but integrated is better than nothing.

2. Custom Workflows

No job should ever have to be done on somebody else’s terms.

You know your process, you know what works best and how best to make it happen. If you’ve already done the hard work and sweat your guts out getting the steps just right, why should someone else come in and make you do it differently?

Types & Statuses Are Major Players

If your job management software doesn’t let you customize your job workflows to your existing process, then it isn’t the right software for you.

If it doesn’t let you evolve your process, it isn’t right for you, either.

You should only choose job management software that gives you free range to build your process exactly as you’ve perfected it, and one that can be adjusted as needed.

Don’t settle for generic software that forces its set-in-stone process on you. Your business, your industry, your services are unique to you. Find software that let’s it be yours.

3. Automation

A growing business can’t be held back by the monotony of repetitive tasks, however necessary they are to the success of the business.

At some point, there are things you absolutely need to be able to be able to automate so that you’re free to move onto doing the things that more urgently require your attention.

Things like creating and assigning work along a routine process, or notifying team members at certain stages of a sale or project so that they can get to work on it, these can eat up hours of your day.

Your Workday With Automation Is Much Better

But if your job management software were to include automation, you’d be able to set up rules based on certain conditions that then pushes this work off to the software so it can take care of the assignments and notifications so you don’t have to.

That kind of management is powerful, almost otherworldly, cutting down tons of time and wasted money, and allowing you to focus on the work that you do best.


Job management software can do a lot for you, but if you’re software doesn’t have these three features (or if you don’t have any software at all), then it’s time to rethink your decision and try something better.

I promise you that any software that provides contact management, custom workflows, and automation will be invaluable to you going into 2015 and beyond.

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