The Future Of Roofing Is Software

In the past, roofing jobs have been managed with the tried and true method of pencil and paper.

It’s gotten us this far, but barely.

For most, it’s been a complete nightmare. Contact info lost, papers missing, change orders confused, and invoices left unpaid.

For some, that nightmare is alive and well, day in and day out.

The good news for roofers everywhere is that the future of roofing is here and it’s ready to help you live a dream come true.

Roofing Software Makes Everything You’re Already Doing Better

The best thing about using software for roofing is that it doesn’t change what you’re already doing.

With roofing software, customer info are still getting recorded, file folders are still getting passed along, estimates are still getting made, and jobs are still getting completed.

But the thing that software helps you with is making each part of your existing process faster, easier, and more mobile than ever.

Your Process On Overdrive

Roofing software gives you the tools to import and record lead and job data as it comes in, then gives you access to that information from your computer in the office, your laptop at home, your tablet at the job site, and your smartphone on the go.

It gives you tools to create estimates on your mobile devices with just a few taps by keeping a running list of your products and services. It allows you to create and send invoices to the customer, then collect signatures and record payments.

It let’s you get aerial measurements, saving your crews time, saving you wasted materials, and keeping everyone safer.

Roofing software also provides ways to share data with sub-contractors, build work orders and assign tasks, send material orders, create proposals and other documents, and a whole lot more.

And, best of all, it’s all stored in one place in the cloud (a fancy word for the internet) where you can access it anywhere.

Some software, like JobNimbus, even include an offline feature so you can access all that data from your smartphone or tablet even when you’re not connected to the internet.

With the software available to roofers, every single aspect of your job can be digitized, automated, and mae more efficient than ever. And that’s not even to mention the reports you can create to see just how much time and money you’re saving.

What more could you ask for?

So What’s Available?

Of course, there’s CRM. That’s a funny acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management Software. Roofing CRM’s allow you to track your leads, opportunities, potential sales, customers, and past clients. You can implement your sales process and move people along in a more organized and streamlined environment, while no one falls through the cracks.

Then there’s Project Management Software. For roofers, this helps you manage the production side. Once you’ve won a customer’s business, it’s time to actually do the work where there are a lot of moving parts. You’ve got material orders, work orders, tasks to assign out, communication back and forth with the customer, the subs, and more. All that gets put into one place, along with all of your job photos and documents; neat and tidy.

There are also software for:
• Estimating / Invoicing (ex. Accurence)
• Aerial Measurements (ex. EagleView)
• Forms (ex. NaturalFORMS)
• Marketing Automation (ex. Hubspot)
• Email (ex. MailChimp)
• Calculators
• And more…

The list goes on and on with the tools that can help you succeed as a roofer. Not just now, but into the future where the competition is stiff and the stakes are higher.

Your Next Step Into The Future

You might think your next step is a big one.

“One small step for man, one giant leap for roofer-kind,” sort of thing.

But, in reality, it’s one small step: Sign up for JobNimbus.

JobNimbus is roofing CRM, production management, estimating/invoicing, reporting, job photos, email, documents, work orders, and a whole lot more.

It’s also the simplest software you’ll find in the roofing industry, making it the perfect place to get your feet wet and digitize your entire operation.


I guarantee you that if you use roofing software, you’ll be more efficient in your process, more effective in your daily tasks, and more prepared to take on the challenges that tomorrow brings.

I know the shift from manual to digital can be a huge one. I know it can disrupt things for a bit and I know you’re probably nervous to get started.

But we’re here for you every step of the way to make sure that you succeed.

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