Job Management Software as Wormholes

I’m gonna get a little nerdy here, so you’ll have to forgive me. Sorry, it’s just that I think astronomy is one of the coolest things ever.

Consider this: The Earth is some 26,000 light years away from the edge of our Milky Way galaxy (give or take 30,000 light years) and it would take us 26,000 years to get there if we could travel at the speed of light, and considering that speed is theoretically unobtainable.

It really gives you a whole new perspective and appreciation of… well, everything.

And that’s not even to even mention the fact that the distance between the Milky Way and the next closest galaxy, Andromeda, is a hefty 2.5 million light years. With this in mind, traveling to other places in our universe seems impossible.

But then you consider wormholes.

Wormhole isn’t just another name for black hole, it’s actually a whole other beast.

Wormholes effectively serve as “express way” tunnels that can instantly take you from one spot in space to an entirely different one in a potentially very distant part of the universe.

Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s latest space odyssey, is perhaps the most widely distributed exploration of the idea of space travel using wormholes.

Cut the science mumbo-jumbo. What does this have to do with job management software?

Coming back to Planet Earth, I’d like to propose to you that you have a wormhole at your very fingertips that can transport you (or your business data) from one point to another faster and easier than ever before.

I’m talking about job management software and I’m telling you that it can save your business.

Discovering wormholes with software

A wormhole gets you from point A to a distant point B faster and easier, and getting software to manage all your jobs can have the same effect.

One of the biggest wormholes you have with managing your jobs in the cloud is the ability for that job to get from point A (your office) to point B (your crew out in the field) immediately and without delay.

No more reporting into the office to get a manila folder with information on the customer and job. Now, crews can be notified from in the field immediately when they’re assigned a new job, and any notes and progress they make on the job is uploaded and sent back to the office just as quickly.

And you thought traveling at the speed of light was impossible.

With job management software based in the cloud, you have instant access to your whole business’ data universe with just a couple clicks.

You can get to contact information, job notes, photos and documents from wherever you are in the world right from your notebook, smartphone, or tablet.

It’s mobile, it’s fast, it’s even available when you can’t find an internet connection.

Creating productivity wormholes

But good job management software doesn’t just offer wormhole-like features built in. It also provides a way for you to create your own productivity wormholes to make getting things done even better.

Imagine working with automation on your side, being able to let your software automatically create and assign tasks to the right people at the right stage of the process.

Say, for instance, that a new customer has called in and is interested in getting a quote for some work to be done on their house. You create the new contact and start them off in the Estimating status and JobNimbus will automatically create an Estimating task for your crew in the field, who then gets a notification about it with all the information to get it done.

Then, when the crew finishes off the work and changes the status to Estimated, where the office manager is notified immediately to keep moving the customer through the sales process.

Ever needed to phone one of your crews to let them know of a new lead they need to chase? Job management software can take care of that automatically and instantly with notifications when you assign new work or when a job advances to a new status.


Job management software gives you the power to create wormholes in your own process to blast through tasks that normally would take you much longer.

With mobility, cloud connectivity, powerful tools, and customizable automation rules, the power and speed of wormholes are at the tip of your fingers.

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