Why Aren't You Using Roofing Software Yet

Let’s be honest. What can I say about roofing software that hasn’t already been said?

You know it exists, you know there are a lot of misconceptions around it, and you know it’s a powerful tool and that you need it (or, at least, you should).

So the question isn’t what more can I write about it, it’s what more do you need to know before you actually get some for yourself?

What’s stopping you from bringing all of the benefits of roofing software to your business?

I don’t use roofing software because (click the applicable answer):

1. I don’t see the benefits.
2. It’s too expensive.
3. Technology and me… we don’t get along so well.
4. Already tried it, it didn’t work for me.
5. I loved it but couldn’t get my guys to use it.

I don’t see the benefits.

It can be hard sometimes to see the real benefits of roofing software while reading marketing text, watching videos, seeing demos, and doing trials.

A lot of times the benefits are self-evident when you’re able to witness even just that “one feature” that could make your whole day better.

But if that feature doesn’t come along, because it just didn’t come up in your search or the software doesn’t have it, you can feel like roofing software has no value.

But get this: strip all the bells and whistles away from roofing software and even then you’ve got a more efficient way to run your business than passing a manila folder from person to person.

And while we can’t speak for other software out there, JobNimbus comes equipped with much more than efficiency. In addition, you’ve got:

• Workflow automation
• Live reports
• Collaborative communication
• One-click progress
• Mobile apps
• And a lot more.

All that spells out benefit for you, whether it saves you time or whether it helps you earn more money. Roofing software is a powerful tool.

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It’s too expensive.

We hear you.

Times are tough, you might even be passing through a particularly dry spell and the economy isn’t helping out.

The last thing we want to do is add more bills to your mailbox that you’ll sell your soul to pay off.

But roofing software doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, JobNimbus is available in its entirety for a very affordable $25 per user per month.

And if JobNimbus, or another roofing software, can save you at least $25 per person per month, then it’s already paid off.

But I can promise you that, if you allow JobNimbus to transform and supercharge your business, you’ll save a lot more than that and will start earning a lot more, too.

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Technology and me… we don’t get along so well.

You’re not alone here, either.

We’re all at different levels of technology literacy. Personally, I’m an anomaly in that I’m on technology blogs reading every day… it’s a problem, I know.

But good roofing software shouldn’t require that of anyone, nor should it take a college degree just to figure the gall durned thing out.

Good roofing software should be built to be simple and out of the way. It should provide the tools you need without making you feel like you need more tools.

At least, that’s what we try to do here at JobNimbus. Our philosophy is to get out of your way.

We just write the code that let’s you (the expert) do the real dirty work a little bit easier and without worrying about all the busy work in between.

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Already tried it, it didn’t work for me.

If you’ve already given roofing software a shot and had a bad experience, there’s only one thing I can tell you: Give it another try with JobNimbus.

You wouldn’t be the first person we’ve met that’s come with that kind of background.

In fact, the majority of our users have come from less than exemplary experiences with other roofing software and have found the solution right here.

Sometimes, the formula just isn’t right. Sometimes, the cost is too high and the return is too small.

Here, we keep the cost to you low and try to make sure the returns are as attainable and as high as can be.

It’s not that roofing doesn’t need software, it’s that you don’t need to do all the other stuff besides all the roofing you do that software could do for you.

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I loved it but couldn’t get my guys to use it.

It’s tough when you’re convinced that software can help you run your business better but the very people that need to use it don’t even want to mention it’s name. Even worse is when they fight against it.

It really stinks when all that investment has to go down the drain and all that potential goes untapped.

We don’t want that to happen. That’s why we work so hard to make sure JobNimbus is roofing software your reps and crews will be able to learn and will want to use every day.

If you’re staff just won’t pick it up, there are a few things you can do that you might not have thought of yet.

In fact, we have a list of 7 Proven Ways To Get Your Sales Reps To Use CRM

We are also happy to set up one-on-one trainings to be able to figure out how we can make JobNimbus more approachable, more understandable, and more useful for everyone.

Busy season is fast-approaching

Things are going to get hairy real fast. If you keep saying, “I’ve got plenty of time,” you’ll end up with the busy season right on top of you with no room to breath.

We know how things get. Everyone gets busy beyond the point of being able to handle anything else on their plate.

Right now, as fall is ending and we’re getting ever closer to the winter season, this is the best time to start making the decision, getting your team trained, and doing trial runs of the software.

It’s better to get that all out of the way and make sure all your questions are asked when there’s no deadline as opposed to when you’ve got several potential leads and customers waiting while you figure out how to get the estimate you made on your iPhone signed.

So what are you waiting for?

Give JobNimbus a shot, sign up for a demo, and we’ll be sure to show you how JobNimbus can make a real difference for you going forward.

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