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Customer Spotlight is a new series from JobNimbus that features how companies are actively using JobNimbus to get organized, save time, and earn more money.

Finding the right solution can be tough, especially when you need something that’s simple yet provides you all the visibility that you need to effectively manage your business.

In this Customer Spotlight, we take a look inside Tri County Restoration, experts in remodeling and restoration based in Boca Raton, Florida.

We got a chance to hear from Tri County’s owner, Jeff Wyman, to see how JobNimbus is the simple solution they’ve been waiting for.

An Interview With Jeff Wyman of Tri County Restoration

Note: This interview has been edited for clarity and readability.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company.

A: We work in remodeling and restoration. We have been in the construction industry for over 30 years now. In those 30 years, we’ve had the privilege of being award winning remodeling contractors.

Q: Describe how you use some of the tools in JobNimbus to get your work done.

A: Aside from using Dropbox we use Jobnimbus to maintain chronological notes on the production of our projects. The Dashboard has been useful for me because it allows me to track invoices due. We also use JobNimbus for contact management, as we can put all of our leads, customers, and other contacts in it.

Q: What feature(s) in JobNimbus could you not live without? Why?

A: Notes are critical for us. Our businesses are all about documentation, so keeping track of things like phone calls, work done, and other communications and key events are crucial for keeping our production in movement.

Q: At what point did you say, “This is the software we need”? What feature or aspect of the software confirmed it for you?

A: What grabbed me from the start was that JobNimbus was just so easy to use. There was virtually no learning curve for me and my team. We were able to get in and start doing everything we needed to quickly and easily.

But what really made JobNimbus a no-brainer was that they have the most helpful and accommodating staff. Any time we have a question or need help, they answer quickly and provide real answers.

Q: What have you been able to cut out of your process thanks to JobNimbus? How has that helped you succeed?

A: We used to be swimming in tons of paper from all the contacts we had and jobs we were doing. JobNimbus has converted us to all-digital, which keeps us very organized.

Q: Do you think you’ve been able to save time and/or money with JobNimbus? If so, how much and in what way(s)?

A: With JobNimbus, everything is in one place. For my employees, that means they have less to learn and less places to go to make sure everything is up to date. For me as the owner, I can get a great overview of what is going on in our companies just by looking at my Dashboard. It saves us a ton of time.

Q: Would you say that using JobNimbus has changed the way you take on the challenges you have each day?

A: Not exactly. One of the great things about JobNimbus is that it doesn’t force you to do something you’re not used to. For us, that meant business as usual, just faster and less steps involved to get better results.

Q: How has your experience with JobNimbus compared with other methods and/or software you’ve used in the past?

A: Ben and Nick are most accommodating. If you think you need something they make it happen

I’ve already referred many people to this software. I think it is the best overall and the improvements just keep coming. I would highly recommend this software to anyone in the restoration and remodeling business.

– – – – –

Thanks so much, Jeff. We’re so glad you’ve been able to find JobNimbus to be useful for you and your business.

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