JobNimbus Customer Spotlight: Bödenkraft

Customer Spotlight is a new series from JobNimbus that features how companies are actively using JobNimbus to get organized, save time, and earn more money.

When it comes to your business, your workflow and the tools you use need to work for you to make things happen.

In this Customer Spotlight, we take a look inside Bödenkraft, a leader in interior concrete floors, as Bödenkraft’s own Lisa Alfaro explains how they’ve been using JobNimbus to get their work done like never before.

An interview with Bödenkraft’s Lisa Alfaro

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company.
A: Bödenkraft specializes in interior concrete floors. We cover everything from underlayments to handcrafted designer epoxy systems. As leaders in the New York tri-state area, Bödenkraft’s seamless floors have been installed in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces for the last 13 years.

Q: Describe how you use some of the tools in JobNimbus to get your work done.
A: Our company actively utilizes the calendar, estimate, and invoice tools. Coupled with statuses and workflows, these functions keep all members of the Bödenkraft community updated with the progress of a job.

Q: What feature(s) in JobNimbus could you not live without? Why?
A: JobNimbus allows multiple calendar views including varying colors to differentiate between responsible owners. We can even attach the related job or contact, which is helpful when tracking visits to a particular work site. In our industry, a well-kept calendar is vital in daily operations. We could not live without it.

Q: At what point did you say, “This is the software we need”? What feature or aspect of the software confirmed it for you?
A: We knew JobNimbus was for us when we learned of in-system emailing and invoicing. With two locations and a staff that spends the majority of its time on the road, a system that eliminates the need for other computer software is a need.

Q: What have you been able to cut out of your process thanks to JobNimbus? How has that helped you succeed?
A: Bödenkraft no longer needs to separately invoice customers. Cutting this out has not only increased efficiency, but has helped eliminate outstanding accounts in receivables. As our company familiarizes itself with the many tools, we look to incorporate material orders in this list of efficiency successes.

Q: Has the mobile app helped your team? Please explain.
A: Bödenkraft’s sales reps are constantly on the road. The mobile app is extremely helpful when searching for customer information or knowing which daily tasks need to be completed.

Q: Do you think you’ve been able to save time and/or money with JobNimbus? If so, how much and in what way(s)?
A: JobNimbus has saved us valuable administrative hours by placing all pertinent job information in the same place. We now have the ability to stay updated with job logistics in real time. Instead of sending weekly reports via email, the automation tool notifies our billing office once a job’s status is complete. Invoices can then be sent, archived, and responded to from JobNimbus with ease.

Q: Would you say that using JobNimbus has changed the way you take on the challenges you have each day? Or, has it changed your mood when you wake up? Explain.
A: JobNimbus is the first thing I log onto when beginning the day. Using it assures challenges, such as payment confirmation, can be handled with a simple scroll down my dashboard. Without having to visit individual job pages, I can view which invoices are open or paid effortlessly.

Q: How has your experience with JobNimbus compared with other methods and/or software you’ve used in the past?
A: Our experience with JobNimbus has been quite inviting compared to other software. They have excellent customer service where the first person to pick up the phone is able to assist you. We also enjoy the customizability of our new CRM. While it is a bit of a learning process, JobNimbus allows us to add fields as per our requirements. We can even create templates with our letterhead for invoices, emails, and estimates.

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