How To: Get Notified When A New Contact Is Created

A good manager wants to be as informed as possible one what has happened, what’s happening now, and what will happen going forward.

One way to stay in the loop with a sales team is to know when new leads or contacts are being added into the CRM.

In JobNimbus, you can get automatic notifications when new contacts are added by other users right to your inbox using workflow automation.

Here’s how:

To get started, head to Settings from the menu at the top right.


Now, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have an email template set up in your Templates tab. That will be the template that is sent when the new contact is created.


Once in the Templates tab, click + Add Template and choose Email from the dropdown list.


Give your new template a name and then build it out in the free-form area. You can add whatever text you’d like, plus any variables that you’d like the email to fill you in on (for example, the Contact’s First and Last Name, Type, Status, etc).


Once you have your template just the way you want it, go ahead and click Save. You can always come back to make changes later without it affecting your automation rule, so don’t worry.

Now, find the tab for Automation.


To set up your new automation rule, click + Add Rule.


Give your rule a name, and then use the drop-down “When a” to select Contact. Leave the “is Created” exactly how it is.



Now you’ll need to create your condition(s). In this case, we want every single new contact added to notify you via email.

To do that, click + Add Condition.


Then, set the following phrase: “If Status is equal to New” (or whatever status you would like to include.


Now, I want to be notified every time a new contact is added with a status of “New,” however, you can set this up with more conditions to include either more statuses or more types.

For instance, if you want to be notified of each new “Customer” type contact, you would just add the condition “If Type is equal to Customer” and save that condition.


One quick note before saving: Be sure to uncheck the “Only if Type is modified” checkbox because we want to make sure this affects brand new contacts, not ones that were already in your contact list.


Click + Save.

Now it’s time to add the action. To do that, click + Add Action.


In the dropdown menu, choose Send Notification and click + Continue.


You’ll see you have a drop-down menu to select from the different email templates you’ve created. If you only have the one template you just created, it will be selected for you.


Add a subject line to the email and then choose the recipients. If you’ll be the only recipient, you can just select your name from the list. You can also add more recipients, or send the email to other users than yourself.


Once you’re done, click + Save.

You’ll see a summary of your new rule, to save the new rule and get started with your new contact notifications, just hit + Save.


Your new rule is now in place and will start notifying you via email about any new contacts that are added that match the condition criteria.

If you ever want to pause this rule, just uncheck the “Active” checkbox on the rule in the Automation tab. You can recheck it when you want it back on.


And that’s it!

For more how to’s and to learn about setting up other powerful features in JobNimbus, click here.

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