Flying Blind? Get To Your Destination Using Mobile Project Management

Imagine you’re flying a plane blindfolded.

It’s your job to take this plane to its destination, but you’re in a deep fog and you only have your gauges plus what you hear from the radio towers to guide you.

While it can be done, a lot of communication is required in order to make a safe and successful landing.

For many of us, this is the normal day-to-day. Feeling like you’re flying solo, trying to pull as much information from your team as possible to try to get even the slightest idea of where you’re company’s headed.

Without a strong line of communication, you’re stuck in the dark.

And that’s what mobile project management software was created for.

Mobile project management gets you both push and pull

When you’ve got guys out on the job site and out of your sight, you have to have a way to both see what’s getting done and hear what they’re doing.

And this is where the power of mobile really stands out.

When your team members leave the office with their smartphones and tablets in hand, they never really leave the office.

They take their entire contact list with them everywhere they go. They have all the job details they need, and their full tasks lists to get their work done.

They have every tool available to them to get their work done without having to call back to the office to ask for anything.

They can snap photos on the job site and upload them to the project management software right from the mobile app, or create estimates with a couple of taps.

They can write notes about their conversations and work they’ve done, or log time so you can track your hours worked and help plan for future projects.

With mobile project management software, you’re not flying solo

You’re no longer blind-folded by a thick fog of confusion.

You’ll never again be flown off-course by miscommunication.

Your course will be set for growth and your destination will be success.

All thanks to a couple of devices that can fit in your pocket or in a small bag.

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