6 Misconceptions About Roofing Software

A day after the sixth iteration of Apple’s iPhone was officially announced alongside the brand new Apple Watch, there’s still plenty of resistance to roofing software among roofing contractors.

It may be that you’re just a “paper” kind of company, or that you and technology don’t mix well.

It might be that you have heard some bad things about roofing software, or that you’ve had a bad experience in the past.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to clear up any misconceptions going around in order to help you make an informed decision about the best way to run your roofing company.

Roofing Software Myths and Misunderstandings

Myth #1: “It’s too expensive.”

This is one of those myths that’s come about thanks to the very same makers of roofing software.

The industry has been so eager to charge an arm and a leg for software installations, subscriptions, setup fees, support, training, and more that they’ve caused roofers everywhere to second-guess the actual value of the investment.

The Truth: Roofing software is not only affordable, it’s downright cheap; you just have to know where to look. JobNimbus offers its full suite of features, mobile apps, support, training, and more for the very affordable price of $25 / user / month.

That means that if JobNimbus can save you just $25 worth of work per person in a given month, then it has already paid for itself.

Myth #2: “It’ll force me to change my process.”

When you’ve spent years perfecting your process, it would be insane to force you to change that process to adopt roofing software.

Even so, this myth was brought out thanks to some software’s inability to mold to your own, proven process.

The Truth: We think that’s just ridiculous, and we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that there is a software out there that lets you use your own process on your terms, not ours.

With custom fields, types, statuses, and more, you remain in control of how you run your business.

Myth #3: “I’ve done pretty well so far, so it looks like I don’t need it.”

I suppose that depends on your definition of “need” is.

If you mean that you can survive and do all the pieces of the job without it, then you’d be right.

The Truth: If you want a way to cut costs, cut unneeded downtime from your process, and find sustained growth by responding proactively, then you do need roofing software.

Myth #4: “My guys aren’t going to use it.”

A common sentiment among the roofing companies all around the world. The old guard, the “paper people,” the technology-deficient. There’s a feeling that members of the team will mystically repel the software, or avoid it like the plague.

The Truth: Oh ye of little faith. Know ye not that there are free resources to help hand-hold every member of your team until they’re rocking on the new software?

That includes one-on-one training, ongoing phone and email support, quick start guides, training videos, documentation, and more.

We work very often with “guys that aren’t going to use it” and they end up using it, loving it, and not being able to live without it.

Myth #5: “The season’s here and I just don’t have time for it.”

The Truth: You don’t have time because you don’t have roofing software. You’re stuck in a mess of jobs that you can’t keep track of, customers that you’re not sure if they’ve been followed up with, and phone tag (just to name a few).

If you invest what little time it takes to getting started in roofing software, you’ll find more time to get work done, more time to chase more leads, more time to close more deals, and more time to spend with your families.

Myth #6: “The season’s over, so I can worry about it later.”

The Truth: You’re setting yourself up for another year of problems and stress. The season will be back before you know it and, if you get relaxed, it’ll be right on top of you and it’ll be too late.

You’ll be back to busy mode and that ugly myth #6 will creep up again.

The truth is, you can’t afford to wait any longer before investing in roofing software. With it you’ll be able to build your company even higher and find new opportunities.

Without it, you’ll be taking more pain killers than you can shake a stick at.



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