Get Your Whole Team on JobNimbus

Imagine yourself crash landing in the middle of the desert with a group of people.

Everyone has to switch into survivor mode, but everyone’s making that transition at their own pace.

You have to start looking for food, water, and shelter, but if you split up you could lose contact with the other parts of the group and get lost.

You need to coordinate your efforts, but not everyone is paying attention, able to hear, or is listening.

This is what it’s like to go to work everyday to manage a team without CRM and project management software. This is what it’s like without JobNimbus.

Uniting and conquering the desert wasteland of miscommunication

From the office manager to the sales reps to the guys out in the field, a lot can happen in a single day.

When you’re living on paper, white boards, Excel spreadsheets, and walkie talkies, things can get pretty bad pretty quick.

On the other hand, if your whole team is using JobNimbus then you have full visibility of what everyone is doing at all times.

You know that your guys out in the field are getting their work done on time, or whewn they get behind.

You know immediately when they add a new lead and estimate into the system.

You know what’s going on, when it happened, how it went, and can communicate plans to improve.

Quit playing productivity hokey pokey; it’s time to get with the times.

Getting your team on JobNimbus

Actually inviting your team members to JobNimbus is easy. Just log in and head up to the top right where it says your name and find Team.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-1From here, you can see all the team members you have in JobNimbus and invite new ones. To invite a new team member, click the + Invite Team Member button.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-2Here, you can fill out basic info like first and last name, add an email (that’s where the invitation and login info is sent), and a photo. If you’d like to add more information for this team member now, click More Options.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-3From here, you can choose to add a custom password instead of having JobNimbus generate a random one.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-4You can also choose the team member’s level of access, between Full and Limited Access.Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-5

Choosing Full Access also lets you choose them to be Account Administrators or not, and choosing Limited Access provides you the option to give them access to certain types of records in JobNimbus.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-7You can set their Mobile Sync Mode. The default Optimized Sync will be best for everyone, but if you want this team member to be able to have access to all the data from JobNimbus, then you might want to choose Full Sync (this can be changed later).

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-8It’s a good idea to add in all the Profile Details as well, including the State, Phone number, and Time Zone. You can also set a different Calendar color.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-9If applicable, you can also set some Default Field Values for this team member.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-10Once you’re done, just click the + Invite Team Member button at the bottom of the popup, or the + Add & Invite Other Team Member to add another team member after this one.

Invite-Team-To-JobNimbus-11Everything’s better together

I promise you that if you get your whole team in JobNimbus, everyone set up, trained up, and ready to go, you will have better inter-team communication, you will have better visibility, and you will save money.

The cost of adding new team members pales in comparison to the time and headaches you will save by keeping everyone on the same page, keeping communications all together, and giving your team the best possible tools to get every part of their job done.


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