CRM Buyer Trends 2014- Key Takeaways From This Year's Study In the course of the year, plenty of things can happen to change the overall market. Not only do economic circumstances change, but technology advances by leaps and bounds to provide better solutions to help those looking for CRM to find brand new ways to expand their companies and grow onward and upward.

An online resource for sales management software has once again has once again taken a tally of the buyers that use their services and have updated their Buyer View for 2014. There are a bunch of great insights here as to what people are looking for in terms of CRM and sales automation; we’ll look at a few of those here.

A few interesting things about buyers this year

Cloud is BOOMING. Just look at this chart:

Buyer View 2014 I mean, that isn’t even a Pac-Man, that’s a Pac-Man that’s so full he can’t even open his mouth. Cloud-based solutions are 9 to 1 preferred over on-premise installations, showing amazing progress in both cloud-based software and education about the cloud.

We’re huge proponents of the cloud here at JobNimbus. It’s the only way to get business done efficiently these days and in our current economic climate. The tools are here; it would be a shame for us to not use them.

67% of buyers were looking for the first time

It’s no secret that there are plenty of companies that still haven’t jumped on the CRM bandwagon. For those in the CRM industry or who have felt the real world benefits of the software, it’s downright shocking.

And when you look at where these CRM hunters are coming from, you almost feel bad for them. CRM Buyer View 2014 46% of searchers are coming from just about nothing at all (because, really, spreadsheets are no replacement for the value of CRM).

That just goes to show that there’s still a long ways to go before CRM becomes a household name and is able to advance towards being able to help more businesses get more done, please more customers, and earn more back.

Buyers are looking for better organization, a better way

The top sought-after feature of CRM is a general improvement in efficiency and organization, and this goes for both small and mid-large sized businesses.
CRM Buyer View 2014But there’s also a number of searchers who simply aren’t happy with their current system and need better features than what they have now.

Many larger companies are also looking for simpler, more up-to-date software which they believe will meet their needs better than the older or more established names out there.

And, in general, they’re right.

There’s been a reigniting of the CRM industry as of the last 5 or so years that has brought a flurry of new technology and tools, as well as a whole new perspective on usability, that were never before realized.

All in all, the findings show that there’s still a long way to go in both the refinement of CRM as a whole and the education of CRM in terms of the what and why.

But, as the industry progresses, so too will the companies using CRM and the customers enjoying better sales and support.

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