JobNimbus v1.18- Team Tab, Improvements, and More

Sticking to our schedule of an update nearly every month and a half, we’re back with another round of features and improvements to add to your JobNimbus experience.

JobNimbus v1.18 is full of improvements throughout the web app that will help streamline your workflow and keep you running faster and more efficiently than ever.

This update is available to use now. You can use all the features below starting today.

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What’s new in JobNimbus v1.18:


Team Tab – There’s a new tab in Account Settings to help you better manage your team. Now you’ll have better tools to invite new team members, adjust their settings, and help them get started.


Activity – We’ve overhauled the activity tables for speed and reliability.
Quick Start Guide – We’ve improved the Quick Start Guide (accessible from the “Help” option under the top right menu) for new and existing users.
Inactive Workflows in Reports – Workflows which are marked as “Inactive” are now hidden from the report builder.
Contact v. Job Workflows – Contact and job workflows are now separated to reduce confusion.
Budget Limits – Budget quantities of 0 are now allowed.
Invoice Payments – Now, when an invoice is changed from Paid to Partial payment, the status automatically reverts to Open.
Sub Total and Tax – These two items have been switched (now Sub Total is first, Tax second, and Total last).
Related Jobs on Tasks – We’ve improved the speed when searching to add a Related Job to a Task.
Cost on Estimates – You can now select to show item Cost on estimate templates.


Import Contacts Zip Codes – Fixed an issue that caused contact imports to fail when containing a zip code that starts with a 0.
Recent Activity Attribution – We’ve resolved an issue that would incorrectly attribute recent activity to another user.
Estimate & Invoice Margins – Fixed an issue that caused estimate and invoice margins on PDFs to be very wide.
Zip Codes on Address Column – Resolved an issue that prevented zip codes from appearing in Address columns on grids.
Job Address from Contact – Fixed an issue that would cause the job address to reappear after removing it from the Add Job popup originating from a contact.
Calendar Refresh – Improved the way the calendar refreshes to assure you’re seeing the most current data.

We’ve also made improvements to performance in every corner of the app, speed improvements, and other fixes to make your JobNimbus experience that much more enjoyable.

We hope you’ll find JobNimbus v1.18 to be quite satisfactory. If there is anything else that we can do to improve JobNimbus, please let us know here.

As always, these features are available now. All you have to do is log in and give them a try.

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