Snacking On The Perfect Customer Experience, Theater Popcorn Image

Have you ever caught yourself putting bite after bite of a certain snack in your mouth without even noticing?

It happens when you’ve got a great snack that you just can’t put down.

One that you don’t even realize has caused you an incurable food addiction that only the cold turkey method could combat.

A Perfectly Crafted Customer Experience

Theater popcorn is a great example here for a lot of people.

Once you start munching, you just don’t stop.

Couple that with the movie taking the popcorn off your mind and you don’t even realize how much you’re really shoveling in.

It’s only when the credits start rolling that you look down to see the few remaining kernels at the bottom of the tub.

We’ve talked a lot about maximizing customer support and providing a great product, but the real ticket to success comes from a combination of both that optimizes the customer experience to another level.

That level is when your customers are so engrossed in your offerings and service that they don’t even realize it until the very end.

Competition in the customer experience space

These days, competition for customer attention is getting fierce.

Not only do you have social media channels that are vying for attention, you also have an awakening within companies that are realizing that stellar customer service wins in this new climate.

And it does.

New companies have come onto the scene and have raised the bar on what good customer service means.

And once the bar is raised, so are customer expectations.

Customers are looking for better experiences every day.

People want popcorn at the movies.

Your job is to give it to them.

Don’t just entertain. Amaze.

Now, I don’t mean you necessarily have to be entertaining or that you’ve gotta turn your operations into a sideshow, but you should be able to command attention from new leads and customers.

So much attention, in fact, that they almost don’t even realize it until they hang up the phone.

And you can do that in any number of ways; you just have to get creative.

Your competition is already thinking about this or will soon.

That means you need to get on the bandwagon as soon as possible in order to get a head start in the space.

And, besides, it’s just the right thing to do for your customers.

We all love a great customer experience. This is your chance to provide a stellar experience for your customers.

The benefit? You’ll keep them for life.

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