JobNimbus Time-Saving Tips

One of the main benefits of CRM and project management software is that it will save you time.

Saving you time means saving you money, earning you more money, and just making your work day that much easier.

One way that JobNimbus can help you save time is when you’re creating a new contact or job.

Save Time With Postal Code Auto-Fill

You’ll notice that, when you’re creating a new contact or job, the Postal Code field is above the city and state fields. This is contrary to most systems, but it’s also by design.

Postal Code Auto Fill in JobNimbus CRM and Project Management Software

See, having the postal code is all you need in order to know the city and state/province.

So when you finish typing the postal code for the new contact or job, JobNimbus takes care of the rest by filling in the city and state for you automatically.

Just think of it like you have two less fields to fill out with every new contact.

It’s a little thing that can make a big difference in the time and effort you have to put in to keep yourself organized.

And every little second counts to make your life easier and your data that much more complete.

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