You'll Be At Your Best When You Test, Test, Test

Oftentimes, we get comfortable with our processes.

We’ve done it for years, everyone else does it this way, my father did it this way, why reinvent the wheel?

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

And, of course that rings true for many things in life. Bacon is one of those things that comes to mind.

But some things require further examination and study in order to really find out what is the best solution.

Do test after test until you find out what’s best

Barbeque sauce is a good example here.

There are so many different brands, recipes, and mixtures of barbeque sauce that it gets hard to know which one is the best.

You could, of course, buy the brand you grew up with, or one that someone introduced you to a few years ago, but what if there’s something better out there?

What if you’ve been missing out on the best kept barbeque sauce secret for all these years because you felt comfortable with the status quo?

Testing in CRM and Project Management

Your sales and project management processes are the same way.

You could easily keep your process the same as it’s always been and never risk rocking the boat, but what if you’re missing out on a huge new opportunity to grow and earn more business?

It would be like you just took your wallet out back and burned it!

You have to test your process before you miss out on opportunities.

How to Test

The best way to test is to first make sure you establish a base line to go off of.

Second, you’ll want to set up one difference in your process. Don’t test two things at once or you’ll skew your results.

Just make one little change and see what happens.

And give it time. Finding consistent results is key, otherwise you might start making decisions off an anomaly that will take you far down the wrong path.

Third, correlate your data, find the differences, and choose a winner.

The good thing about choosing a small change and running that first is you can be more sure that whatever you changed actually caused the difference, either positive or negative.

Testing = Lots of Failure + One Success

And speaking of negative, not everything you test will be a total success, but it might not be a total flop either.

Thomas Edison was famous for responding to a question asking how he felt about so much work he put in to his light bulb discovery, “Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results! I know several thousand things that won’t work.”

That’s the attitude we must all have in order for us to come to the right conclusions.

For, how else will we know we’ve come to the right conclusions if we do not first test every possible method?

And each success doesn’t just show you where to find failure. It clears up your vision just a little bit more to see where to find greater success.

That’s the goal, to find greater success, better efficiency, more productivity, and less waste.

All that can come from simple testing, day in and day out, until you’ve perfected your process and brought out the best in your team.

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