Summer’s Here- Take Your Project Management Software To The Beach

Yesterday was the first truly hot day of summer in the Seattle area. Temperatures were above 90° and eggs were a’cookin’.

Every fiber of my feeble body beckoned me out of the house and over towards the pool.

The great thing about the time that we live in, though, is that I actually was able to go to the outdoor pool with my phone and laptop and continue work right there.

It was awesome.

Project Management Software for a Connected Age

We’re often the slaves of our work lives, tied to a desk or restricted by some kind of limit that doesn’t allow us to enjoy the spontaneous pleasures of life without sacrificing productivity or visibility.

But those barriers are quickly being washed away by new advances in wireless and cloud technology.

Wi-Fi reaches further, cellular internet is faster, creating a hotspot from your phone is easier, and accessing data from anywhere in the world is possible thanks to cloud technologies galore.

With JobNimbus, you’ve got a lot of that going for you.

You’ve got access to all your data wherever you have an internet connection, which means you’re not stuck in the office, or at home, or even at a coffee shop.

You can access JobNimbus data from anywhere you find an internet connection, including on your iPad at the job site.

And you can not only access it, but you can also manipulate it. You can add contacts or jobs from a distance, mark off tasks in seconds, create estimates on the fly and upload them immediately, or upload a few photos so the office can see them right away.

But if you for some reason don’t have an internet connection, you don’t have to worry then either!

Because with offline mode, you’re able to access and edit all your synced data from the mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android phones and tablets.

You can be on the beach and “at the office” at the same time.

Get ready to enjoy some new time to yourself and your family without losing productivity or efficiency, or the valuable visibility you need to know that your business is smoothly marching forward.

Kick up your feet, put on some sunscreen, and log into JobNimbus all summer long!

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