Get More Money In Your Pocket With CRM For Contractors

Change is good, when that change amounts to more dollars in your pocket.

The question is, what are some easy changes to make to get more money in your pocket?

There is an old adage that says, “you have to spend money to make money,” but money leaving your pocket needs to have a way back.

It needs to get there in a noticeable way, and in a short amount of time.

So… what can you do?

Ways for contractors to get money in their pockets

You could find a new revenue generator, like a new product or service. But that isn’t all that practical, since that takes an investment of money and time to learn about.

It also takes marketing efforts and all the points of essentially starting a new company. This can be a good investment if you are cutting edge and make the right decision.

But, ultimately, the risk is high for the potential reward.

If you are anything like the majority of business owners in the US, the big downturn made us look at how we could do more, with less.

Now, things are picking back up. It certainly doesn’t make sense to start building your company with reckless abandon.

Now is a great time to take a look at your processes and see where you can get better results without adding the expense of new people, products, services, or assets that aren’t going to immediately add to your bottom line.

Think about this: If you changed the way you did business and it saved you 5 minutes per job, what would that add up to?

If a change to your processes allowed you to get back into touch with a previous client and that turned into another job that you never would have had before, what is that worth?

How about the value of being able to look at your clients, jobs, and tasks at any time instead of having to call back to the office to see what is going on?

By simply cleaning up your processes and taking them from the whiteboard to the “cloud”, you can add change to your organization and money to your pocket.

A CRM for contractors is a great way to clean up your processes.

All your customer records in one place along with paperless forms, price lists, invoicing and note-taking all in real time and spread across all levels of your organization.

This makes for a powerful tool that can do the things that will result in money back into your pocket.

Plus, the increase in accountability that a CRM for contractors allows helps companies clean up and fill the holes that were previously dripping money.

Try JobNimbus and see how our system can help.

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