You Don't Need Tech Support for Roofing Software

When it comes to my parents, I’m the unofficial tech support guy.

Anything weird or out of the norm that happens to their computer, tablets, or smartphones and I’m the first one to get a call with a plea for help.

I’m not sure why technology was so easy for me to understand (I don’t mean this in any way condescendingly), it just was.

I’m part of Generation X, and much of my generation grew up with this new crop of technology.

It comes easier to some of us, and harder to others, and that’s ok.

But it makes creating things like roofing software a bit more of a challenge as you need to be able to not just make the software work but also make it easy for anyone to log in and understand what they need to do, where to go, and even why.

Why We Built Our Roofing Software the Way We Did

Roofers have their traditional methods and ways of doing things. And that’s great.

Having an established process in place is an important step towards consistency and growth.

But we believe that there’s a better way to manage a roofing business than with white boards, file folders, and spreadsheets.

We believe that roofing software can provide every roofer with the efficiency and productivity boost you need, as well as take a load off your shoulders to help you focus on getting the roofing job done.

But the transition to roofing software from the established method can still be a hard pill to swallow.

We strive very hard to make JobNimbus as simple as we can and try to provide documentation and support to help you learn the tools faster.

But as simple as the software is, that transition can still be a hard one.

Just like my parents have a hard time essentially “rewiring their brains” to be able to understand the in’ sand out’s that I explain to them, some roofers are too used to the old tools that picking a new one up is harder than you think.

You Shouldn’t Need Tech Support

The title of this article is “You Don’t Need Tech Support For Roofing Software”, but perhaps it should rather say “You Shouldn’t Need Tech Support”, and that goes for everything.

Tech support should just be here to answer those tough questions or to resolve unique issues, but the true test of roofing software is if it is simple enough to not need tech support.

We’re working towards that day in and day out. It’s our goal and our motto, our compass for every decision that we make.

Constantly Improving

We just released our v1.17 update and have included several enhancements and fixes to existing features to make them easier for you to learn and use without the need to pick up the phone or send an email.

Good roofing software should just work and shouldn’t put you in the looney bin when you’re just needing to get one small thing done before an appointment with a customer.

And that’s what we strive to do. We’ll cover all the back end and everything in between.

You just concentrate on what you do best: roofing.

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