JobNimbus v1.17 with QuickBooks, Purchase Orders, and More

Another day, another giant list of improvements made to both the CRM and the project management functions in JobNimbus.

We’ve released JobNimbus v1.17 with brand new features, improvements, and fixes that are available now.

All you have to do is log in and bask in the joyous update that is upon you.

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What’s new in JobNimbus v1.17:


QuickBooks – Keep everything in sync with our new QuickBooks integration. Contacts, Jobs, Invoices, and Estimates can all sync from JobNimbus to both QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
Print Contacts & Tasks – Like with jobs, you can now print contacts & tasks by selecting ‘Print’ from the action menu.
User Activity – There’s a new tab on the Contact Details page for User Activity.


MapQuest – We’ve replaced Google Maps data with data from MapQuest to provide more accurate results.
Sales & Jobs Pipeline – Improvements to how these reports are displayed.
Google Calendar Sync – We’ve improved the interface for Google Calendar Sync settings to make it easier to choose your preferred sync method.
Sales Rep on Import Contacts – You can now import Sales Reps when importing contacts from a CSV.
User to Admin – JobNimbus now warns you when you’re changing a User to an Admin level.
Invoice Balance – Invoices now show a running balance in addition to the existing Total.
Email Estimate & Invoice – The sender for estimates and invoices is now your JobNimbus provided email.
Column Sorting – You can now sort columns on the Jobs and Contacts grids by ascending/descending.
State Keyboard Shortcut – Now, when you select a state, you can select the dropdown and type “W” for Washington, etc.


Calendar Auto-Refresh – Fixed an issue where the calendar was not auto-refreshing after changes had been made.
Import Contacts – Corrected an issue in which the import contacts feature would not respond.
Custom Date Fields – Fixed an issue where adding a DD/MM/YY date would not successfully save and would not show an error.
Print for Jobs & Estimates – Fixed a couple issues with regards to printing jobs and estimates.
Field Values on Print – Resolved an issue with regards to how Field Values get replaced and show up on the Job print screen.
Column Titles – Changed some column titles for better consistency throughout the system.
HTTPS Links – Links that start with https:// now link properly in notes.
JPEG Orientation – JPEG images are now rotated to be oriented correctly.
Time Stamps – Now time stamps account correctly for Daylight Savings Time.
Sunday Tasks – The popup to edit tasks on the calendar due on Sundays is no longer cut off.

We’ve also made improvements to performance in every corner of the app, speed improvements, and other fixes to make your JobNimbus experience that much more enjoyable.

We hope you’ll find JobNimbus v1.17 to be quite satisfactory. If there is anything else that we can do to improve JobNimbus, please let us know here.

As always, these features are available now. All you have to do is log in and give them a try.

Try v1.15 NowLearn about previous JobNimbus updates.

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