Old Woman Young Woman Optical IllusionWhen it comes to project management, we can often get stuck in a routine.

That routine might be good or bad, depending on how well it performs.

But it never hurts to take some time to reexamine your routine, your process, and your tools.

Sometimes you need to look at things another way and you’ll find that it might be time to make some changes.

Finding New Ways Through Creative Perspective

When we were all in school, we had art classes where we had to express our creativity.

While some of us create for a living, others haven’t done that kind of exercise in a long time.

But we should never stop exercising our creative muscles, and one of the best ways to stay creative is to look at the same problem from a different perspective.

OK Go released a brand new music video that pushes the envelope on what is possible in a video of its kind.

While they make it look so easy, they also give us some inspiration while playing with perspective.

Have you ever seen a music video like this?

Did you know this was possible?

Creativity often comes though looking at the world in a new light or from a new angle.

While the object you’re looking at right now looks one way, it might be completely different while looking at it from an opposite angle.

Perspective in Project Management

When managing projects, often you feel like you don’t have time to worry about the process.

But the process is king and if you don’t take even a little time to get creative with your setup, you’ll be missing out on huge opportunities.

You often need to take a step back, even for just a moment, and think about what you’re doing.

Maybe you’re doing something that is completely unnecessary, or can be automated somehow.

Maybe you’ve got too many steps in your process (or maybe too few).

Perhaps you’re not working towards the right goals, or maybe there’s a new goal you haven’t figured out how to attack yet.

Taking Project Management To New Heights

All these variables need to be addressed as you go in order to streamline your workflow not just for your specific industry, but also for your employees who will be carrying it out, and for your customers who will be on the receiving end.

By streamlining your process every step of the way, you’ll find greater success in both the efficiency of your projects and the satisfaction of everyone involved.

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