When It Comes To Your Own World Cup, Don't Be Like Brazil

For much of the world, soccer (or football) is the holy grail of sports. It’s the

And, much like the Olympic games, host countries make huge preparations to receive the influx in tourism and in order to “dress to impress” on the world stage.

This time, the World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games will be hosted by Brazil, which has put a great deal of pressure on them.

And it hasn’t gone over very well.

Brazil’s Doomed Preparations

To put it bluntly, Brazil barely made it to a “presentable” level before the aperture of the World Cup this morning.

Even years of preparation wasn’t enough to help Brazil build the infrastructure that it needed (including roads, hospitals, and other amenities) or to even get their presentation act together.

Things were falling apart, a crane fell while working on the World Cup stadium, a referee up north stabbed a player to death in a local game.

And the worst atrocity happened mostly outside of the world spotlight: the displacement of thousands of families from their homes because the government needed them out by a certain deadline in order to accommodate the new infrastructure and provide a more “friendly” and “rich” view of the country.

Most news organizations didn’t talk about this, but Latin American news was all over it.

At least their team came prepared to win the opening game against Croatia.

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Projects

None of this had to happen, but it happened the way it did because of bad leadership, insufficient tools, poor processes, and inadequate infrastructure.

And Brazil isn’t a poor country, per se, but poor administration and corruption have spoiled what riches the country could have shared.

So how does this relate to you? What does this have to do with JobNimbus?

Your projects are like little World Cups. You have time to prepare, sometimes more time than others.

You have your existing processes for managing these projects, and sometimes those work and sometimes they don’t.

You have tools to get the projects done. Sometimes it’s an advanced project management software suite, sometimes it’s sticky notes on a white board.

And your project success depends on all of these factors working together.

So make sure they work.

Tackling Projects Without Getting a Red Card

Soccer/Football Red CardSuccessful project management is about having your act together throughout the planning, execution, and review stages.

You need to make sure you have a solid foundation to build the project plans from.

– Do you have a set workflow for each new lead in order to nurture them towards the sale?
– Do you know what to do after the sale? Who’s in charge along the way?
– What’s your project process and who manages it?
– Who’s making sure everything gets done?
– Were you over or under budget? Time?
– Did you break even? Make a profit? Do you know why?
– How will you improve for the next time?

These are all insanely important questions, and sometimes getting the answers isn’t so easy.

But having project management software can help facilitate all of these processes and, in fact, can help you solidify these processes so that you have a compass to guide you along the way.

Project Management Software from JobNimbus

While JobNimbus is not an official sponsor of the World Cup (or the USA selection), we are proud supporters of successful project management.

We offer job, contact, and task management tools, shared calendars, time tracking, budgets, estimates, work orders, material orders, constant communication, job shares, live reports, and a myriad of other tools that will help your team prevent a personal Brazil as you move onto future projects.

Try JobNimbus for 14 days and experience what it feels like to successfully execute a project with zero hiccups and scratched heads.

Try JobNimbus

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