If You Want the Best Results From Your CRM, You Must Do This

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

This secret has the power to recharge your existing customer base and cause an explosion of new customers.

And it all has to do with your CRM strategy and perspective.

What Most Companies Have for CRM Strategy

The most common CRM strategy is: get new leads into the funnel, move them through the process as quickly as we can, and hope they get to the other side.

This is even liberal for some companies who only focus on the last part of the funnel: the sale.

But, giving most companies the benefit of the doubt, this CRM strategy could sound like a good idea and work pretty alright, too.

But there’s a huge flaw with this process, not to mention little flaws along the way that will filter out potential customers, spew out less than ready ones, and get you a customer base that’s probably not even thinking about buying from you again.


Because your focus is completely internal.

You’re more concerned about getting the sale than helping out the customer and giving them a great experience.

And you’re not even considering the customer journey.

The Secret to Doing CRM the Right Way

There’s one thing above all else that you need to do in order do CRM right:

Look at customer interactions and your overall CRM strategy from the customer’s perspective, not yours.

That’s it, it’s that simple.

Well, wait… let me back up.

It’s not simple.

In fact, doing CRM the right way by looking from the customer perspective is a lot harder than doing it the way most companies do it.

That’s exactly why most companies aren’t doing it right (less effort, good-enough results).

But I just met a guy from Canada who told me a great French proverb: In order to have what others don’t, you need to be willing to do what others don’t.

You need to be willing to sacrifice your time and brain power in assessing how the customer will be treated throughout the prospecting, browsing, sales, and adoption cycles.

You need to get inside their heads, know what they want, think what they think, see what they see; all this in order to help them achieve their goals through your product or service, or by recommending them another service.

Yeah, that’s right. You need to be willing to recommend a competitor every once in a while.

Because you don’t work for you. You work for the customer, and you need to be willing to give them the solution that is right for them personally, and sometimes you won’t be able to provide that solution.

But that recommendation will stay marked in their heads and they’ll remember you, and they’ll review you, and they’ll come back when they can use your product or service.

The Benefits of Having a Customer Perspective

All of the work you put in to building a customer-centric sales and re-engagement process will pay for itself several times over.

You’ll have more targeted customers and won’t waste your time on ones that just aren’t a good fit.

You’ll be more apt to answer their questions and be a consultant in their journey to fulfilling their need.

You’ll close more sales because you’ll be better equipped to help the more targeted leads in your pipeline.

You’ll retain more customers as they will have had a much better experience with you and will be much more inclined to continue on and buy more.

You’ll get great reviews and earn more referrals as your customers recommend you after having such a great, personal experience.

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Based on how many companies actually get this right, if you put in even a little extra effort, you’ll have what other companies don’t have: the strongest customer base, a more streamlined sales process that qualifies, and retention to die for.

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